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Therapeutic, unwinding Saturday brunch for software engineers to share and listen stories from their week of building with code at work.

1. Gain insights from the unresolved issues at work
2. Obtain perspective from other software engineers in similar situations
3. Get prepared for a fresh new week


• The focus of the event is engagement. We want make it a place for software engineers of all types to voice their thoughts regardless of if they are bold, brave, have great with expressing themselves. Most of the software engineers are analytical and they live in their heads and some can be considered introverts. This meetup is a hub for software engineers for personal and career development. We want people to be able to share their ideas and be heard even if their communication need not be great. I see all the times great communicators with bad ideas get ahead and great ideas with bad communication losing the battle.

• Software engineering even though it is a lone sport of solving technical problems in the most efficient manner, it is a team game. As a result success of software engineer is dependent on being able to work with cross-functional team and wading through the frictions that arise working with team-members with different talents and skill sets. This meetup is a place to be able to share, vent, discuss and get some clarity around the issues you are facing at your work.

• The goal is we want everyone to feel belonged, to feel excited to share, to feel their voice being heard and most importantly to gain something from the event (its not the event gaining but you as a participant gaining) for the time and effort you invested in attending the meetup.


This is a great opportunity for companies to host this event.

Benefits of hosting:

• Opportunity to showcase your company to software engineers in your community

• Inter-company engagement after 5 days of intra-company engagement.

• Stress busting for your engineers. Giving an opportunity to share both accomplishments and challenges in an non-work environment can auto-solve many stress related issues at work.

• Skills for culture of communicating openly, building emotional intelligence, conflict-resolution all needed skills at work for software engineers


• Venue for the event from 12 pm-2 pm on the Saturday you are hosting.

• Brunch and beverages (beer is encouraged)

• 3 min pitch about your company

• If you are hiring and want to help with announcements , let us know and we will let you know the steps for that.

• Contact : info@ibuildwithcode.com

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