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TIBCO Software Inc. unlocks the potential of real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions. Our Connected Intelligence Platform seamlessly connects any application or data source; intelligently unifies data for greater access, trust, and control; and confidently predicts outcomes in real time and at scale. Learn how solutions to our customers’ most critical business challenges are made possible by TIBCO at www.tibco.com (http://www.tibco.com/).

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TIBCO Leadership Panel: Top Tech Trends To Watch For

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Please register at the link below. (Must be registered to attend.): https://www.tibco.com/events/tibco-leadership-panel-top-tech-trends-to-watch-for

What are the top tech trends to watch for today, and what new technologies are on the horizon? To learn what to expect and how to prepare your organization, hear from TIBCO executives and get their expert advice on which industry trends are here to stay.

Join this webinar for an in-depth panel discussion on future trends and the chance to ask TIBCO leaders your most pressing questions.

- Matt Quinn, Chief Operating Officer, TIBCO Software Inc
- Nelson Petracek, Global Chief Technology Officer, TIBCO Software Inc
- Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software Inc
- Fred Studer, Chief Marketing Officer, TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO LABS for Developers

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Please register at the link below. (Must be registered to attend): https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6860969618643779584/

Federated Learning is still relatively a young concept that can make the training of Machine Learning models easier as data doesn’t need to be shared in order to train a model making critical issues such as data privacy, data security and data accessibility much easier to be solved. However, there are other set of challenges that come with Federated Learning such as the quality of the data that is used for the training of models and statistical heterogeneity in the data. Join us for this LinkedIn Live session where we will discussing how to address those and many other challenges in order to take Federated Learning to new heights.

David Austin, Sr. Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
Nelson Petracek, Global CTO, TIBCO Software Inc.
Jesus Centeno, Chief of Staff & Innovation Strategy OOCTO, TIBCO Software Inc.

Decentralized Identity for the Internet of Things

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Please register at the link below. (Must be registered to attend): https://iotslam.com/session/decentralized-identity-for-the-internet-of-things/

As the world transforms to digital, companies try to stay relevant while balancing demands for sustainability and social responsibility. Effective, efficient, and secure operations are critical.

To achieve the agility needed to succeed in an increasingly connected world, many organizations are turning to IoT to extend processing boundaries, allow for autonomous interactions, and power decisions with more data.

The ability to trust the identity of IoT devices is crucial. If a device is compromised or impersonated, decisions made on associated data can’t be trusted; results can be catastrophic. Certificates and keys are options, but can be complex to manage and maintain. What other options are emerging? How can trust be built into an IoT device network? Join this session to hear about work in the area of blockchain, emerging decentralized identity, and how it could be applied.

Speaker: Nelson Petracek, Global CTO, TIBCO Software

TIBCO LABS IoT and Sustainability Hackathon

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** Please note the dates on the Meetup event page (the site only allows for events up to 14 days) do not align with the entire hackathon event dates 11/15/21 to 2/7/2022

Registration Page - https://www.hackerearth.com/challenges/hackathon/tibco-labs-iot-and-sustainability-hack/

TIBCO Software (https://www.tibco.com/), a global leader of enterprise integration and analytics software, and the TIBCO LABS™ (https://www.tibco.com/tibco-labs) innovation team are excited to announce the IoT and sustainability hackathon!

IoT and sustainability are broad subjects, offering plenty of opportunities for technology innovation and creativity. So, for this hackathon, we have kept the boundaries small to make sure the ideas are big! The only requirements are to propose projects that address one or more environmental challenges we face across the globe today using TIBCO Project AIR (https://tibcosoftware.github.io/labs-air/).

This is a two-phase hackathon.

- Ideation Phase (November 15, 2021–January 14, 2022)
Got an innovative idea? Submit by January 14, 2021, and receive a
score of 70 points or higher to move on to the Development Phase.

- Development Phase (January 20, 2022–January 29, 2022)
Start hacking and solve one or more tough environmental challenges!

- Winners announced February 7, 2022.

Check out our *HackerEarth site* for additional details and join the fun!

**Please review the official Hackathon Challenge rules for eligibility.

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TIBCO LABS for Developers

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