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Join us for TIBCO NOW 2021. LIMITLESS will explore the unlimited power of data, the potential of our imaginations, and the opportunities ahead. While the past year limited every one of us, advancements in data technologies accelerated on many levels. NOW, our collective role in what comes next is limitless.

  • Free, virtual event, September 29, 10 am - 3:30 pm EDT including

September 29, 10 am - 12 pm EDT

  • Keynote - “Solving the World's Hardest Data Problems”

September 29, 12 - 12:30 pm EDT

  • TIBCO LABS: Power the Future with Technology and Open Source Projects
  • Data Virtualization: Cutting-Edge Use Cases that Drive Strategic Business Value
  • TIBCO Cloud: Adapt Your Digital Enterprise and Accelerate Your Transformation

September 29, 12:30 - 1 pm EDT

  • Emerging Technology in the Enterprise: Pitfalls and Best Practices
  • MetLife: Fast Data Delivery without Sacrificing Data Quality
  • Infosys Session

September 29, 1 - 1:30 pm EDT

  • Practical AI in Action: Anomaly Detection and Pattern Classification
  • Data Quality: The Next Breakthrough in Data Integration
  • Automation: Enhance Your Critical Operations with Process Mining and Automation

September 29, 1:30 - 2 pm EDT

  • Visual Data Science in Action: Cool Tools for Insight Discovery and Deployment
  • Edge Computing: Discovering the Power of Computer Vision and IoT Analytics
  • We Thrive as One: A Discussion on Diversity with Lewis Hamilton

September 29, 2 - 2:30 pm EDT

  • Safaricom: Integration Journey & the Power of Now
  • Koch Industries: Democratizing Data across a Complex Enterprise
  • Siemens Mobility: Trains run better on Data

September 29, 2:30 - 3 pm EDT

  • TIBCO Tech: Streaming & Spotfire to Analyze Tweets in Real Time
  • TIBCO Tech: TIBCO Data Virtualization to Unify Varied Data Sources
  • TIBCO Tech: TIBCO Cloud Integration & API Management to Manage APIs

September 29, 3 - 3:30 pm EDT

  • iSteer: Determining Credit Worthiness and Make Better Decisions
  • TechSoft International: Mediclinic International’s Seven Year TIBCO EBX Journey
  • Cognizant: Hybrid Cloud Integration for a Global CPG Organization
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