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The group is founded to create a vibrant community of passionate females who are interested in meeting with motivated and interesting young professionals and expanding their network.

Recognizing the challenges women face in advancing their careers in the professional services space (see link) often due to the demanding work culture, the goals of this group are as follows:

1. Enable the participants to learn about different industry focusses within professional services, careers, organizations and more importantly, tips and advice for career development. It is not simply acquiring business cards and adding names to your “LinkedIn” account – it is taking the time to getting to know people in the areas in which you are interested or want to learn more about and staying in touch with them throughout your career.

2. Initiate the creation of series of events focused on professional development through speaker series, hands-on skill development workshops, and mentorship opportunities to help overcome the specific challenges faced by women.

3. Create a platform to practice the soft skills in a conversational and friendly setting. Most of us know our weaknesses, whether we need to be more organized or do a better job of meeting deadlines or simply prioritizing in a smarter way. Putting effort into improving those skills will make the attendees more marketable and promotable no matter what field they are in or would like to pursue.

Links to some articles focusing on providing advice to women in the professional services space:



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Lead Better

Empire State Bldg, 350 W 34th St, Manhattan, NY 10001

Workshop on Building Your Personal Brand

Empire State Bldg, 350 W 34th St, Manhattan, NY 10001

Workshop on Skill Sets and Goals

10 Hanover Square Rooftop Lounge

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