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私達は、群馬県高崎市を拠点に活動するGJEE(Gunma Japanese English Exchange) から派生したミートアップグループです。

Welcome to TJEE! (Tokyo Japanese English Exchange)
We are a language exchange group originated from Gunma Japan. (GJEE - Gunma Japanese English Exchange)


Do you want to spend your Sundays in a more effective way?
Why not start your day early with some great conversations over a cup of coffee!


We are here to create an environment where everyone will have a chance to not only improve your language skills but also create some lasting international friendships.
We've noticed there are many meet ups where you may meet lots of people and mingle but none where you can really focus on conversational skills where language improvement is the main goal of the members. We hope to create an atmosphere that can foster language learning and continuous improvement. As we are a conversation based group, we expect members to have a basic level of conversational ability in both Japanese and English

If you are interested in improving your communication skills in Japanese and English, please come join us TGEE!

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TJEE vol.49 English speaker

Online event

Welcome to TJEE language exchange!


Upon arrival you will be shown to your assigned group.
You will be seated in a group with: 1 Native/Advanced English speaker 2 Native/Advanced Japanese speakers The language exchange will begin promptly at 10:00 am.
So please arrive at least 5 minutes before so the organizer can get you seated and set up on time.

The language exchange will consist of:
1. 30 minutes of English conversation
2. 30 minutes of Japanese conversation.

The organizer will collect 100yen during the meetup. Currently, we're working to maintain a good balance between the English and Japanese sides.
To help us with that, please take these rules into consideration:

•if you cancel on the day of the meet up, you cannot come to following week's meet up
•if you are signed up and don't come without notifying somebody, you can no longer come to this meet up
•if you come to a meet up without having signed up, we will collect ¥1000 for your participation fee, so please sign up beforehand if you wish to come
•if you wish to bring a friend, please have them sign up individually via the meet up app rather than as a guest.

Please be punctual and respect other members. And as always don't be afraid to make mistakes and have fun :).

TJEE vol.50 日本語サイド

Online event


This meetup is for Japanese Advanced and Native speakers, if you are an English speaker please sign up to another page.



グループは、 2 英語がネイティブ/上級の方 2名 1 日本語はネイティブ/上級の方 2名 の4人組になり、着席します。


2.30分間の日本語での会話 という流れで行われます。


このグループでは、日本語サイド英語サイドの人数が平等になるよう努めております。 そのため、下記のルールをご理解いただけますようお願いいたします。

・参加申請しないで直接来た場合、1000円を参加費としていただいておりますので、 必ず参加申請し許可された上でお越しください。

時間厳守、他の参加者への配慮をお願いします! 間違えを恐れず、一緒に楽しい時間を過ごしましょう:)!!

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TJEE vol.49 日本語サイド

ルノアール 市ヶ谷駅前店

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