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This is not a hiking group for beginners. This is not a group where you come to learn how to hike. This is a group for responsible adults and experienced hikers. This is a group that does not have to hang around for every person to finish up a particular hike, however, your car pool will always stick around to wait for you. If you need help, please ask and you will receive. I am a Group Organizer, not a commercialized paid Group Leader. I will organize and inform to my best abilities. This is for camaraderie and the sharing of some incredible hikes. If you have an expectation for a hiking group to be ran like some professional Commercial group where there are walkie talkies and people designated at different levels of the hike, then this is not the group for you. I do not charge for the hikes and I do this because I wish to share my time with people who have a like mind and like interests. This is a group where we will be doing different kinds of hikes beyond the normal every day hikes. If you wish to challenge yourself and truly explore, then you found the right group. This is not a group where you stick us on your Meet Up resume as a member in hopes to build a persona for online dating. This is not a group centered around social gatherings, however we will do an occasional social outing here and there. If you join this group you need to be in good shape (not marathon shape) and be able to make good rational decisions, and be able to know your own limitations. If you do not log in for 120 days and if you have never attended a hike or have not RSVP'd for a hike in the future, our Auto Removal system will remove you automatically. You are always free to re-join right away. If you attend a hike, your membership is guaranteed for 6 months from the last hike you attended without having to log in every 120 days. This is to deter people who really don't have the same goals as the Group does. Our group does what is claims with no alternative motives, although it is a good by-product to acquire friendships from these kind of groups. Please enjoy!

If you notice we keep our group numbers down as far as member count. We do not wish to have a group over 1,000 or 2,000 people. We keep this group well manicured to keep those out that have no business here. We also don't limit our hikes to a small group of people. We will communicate with Rangers or local authorities in the event we need an exception for Group size. We understand that when you limit group sizes, that the same people will RSVP over and over, thus blocking the opportunity for others to go. This concept does not pay it forward nor really serve the community as a whole. Our types of hikes being advanced and brutal most of the time or a longer drive to the trailhead will itself keep group size down.

We frown heavily upon No-Shows, and you will find yourself removed unless you have a good reason for No-Showing. A No-Show is a sign of disrespect to all the people who did show up.

You are joining an Athletic Organization. Yes, some hikers will go for the Summit for "Time". If you don't like competition, than this Group is not for you. Yes we have lot's fun as well. We laugh and tell jokes and take plenty of pictures. We just like to take on the Mountain with fervor.

By choosing to attend a TLC Hiking Club event you are responsible for your self, your gear and your life. You join TLC Hiking Club knowing full well that you are undertaking a risk inherent with adventure sports which can include serious injuries and even death. The organizers and other members of this group do not assume any responsibility or liability or provide any warranty for your safety. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own personal safety, well being, and earthly possessions and will hold no one else liable for any kind of loss

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