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What we're about

Would you like to learn more about and strengthen your relationship with your higher wisdom, so that you can receive guidance more consistently and clearly?

Would you like to learn how to assist the natural healing process, in yourself and others, easily and naturally, using your own energy and your own innate means and methods,? Those which reside from within you?

Would you like to learn how to open your extrasensory senses through your own observation and awareness, so that they become a natural expression of yourself?

Would you like to learn and integrate tools that can help you along your spiritual development?

I’ll be creating classes like these, to explore each of these topics, and a lot more!

However, I will be teaching you in a very different way.

Rather than teaching you every method and technique that has come before, my focus will be on:

1) Distilling the knowledge, and teaching you the core fundamentals,

2) Then examining together these core fundamentals for ourselves, and learning them more deeply through our own observation.

It’s important to me that you really take the knowledge and make it your own, otherwise you won’t fully learn it, and you will easily forget it.

First, we will delve deeply into each subject one-by-one, reducing them to their simplest core concepts, while eliminating labels and techniques, so that we can see them in a comprehensive and wholesome way.

Then after studying these root or core concepts, we will examine them through our own personal experience, using observation and proprioception.

What I mean by proprioception is: using our body-awareness in space and time. Using our awareness and attention and our ability to experience it for ourselves.

This will cause the knowledge you acquire to become ingrained within your being as a deep self-knowingness. In this way, the knowledge will become entirely yours, as well as an inherent and natural extension of you and the way you work with energy and Spirit.

Some classes will run in a series, while some will be one-day classes.

Here are some of the classes I’m putting together:

• Astral Traveling 101: Leaving your physical body and more

• Auras: Using our higher senses to see, feel, know, and/or sense the energy field and how to interpret it

• Channeling your Higher Wisdom: Building the bridge to your Higher Self and strengthening its voice

• Energy Healing Simplified

• Healing Using Thought: How illness is often created, and how to perceive it in order to heal it

• Manifesting Abundance

• “Psychic Protection” & Astral Worries

• Simplifying the Chakras: An energetic perspective

• Spirit Guides: Astral Helpers - How to connect with them, and who they are

• Your Extrasensory Senses: What they are and how to develop them easily and naturally

• Your Life Purpose: What it is and why it is important to recognize, cultivate it, and live from it

Each class will be small (6-7 students at a time) so that we can focus on each and every person’s development, so make sure you sign up right away to reserve your seat! Each class runs from 7-9pm.

If the classes fill up (or if you’re waiting for a class to come out) you can sign up for my email waiting list, that way when I offer the class again you will be the first to know. To get on the mailing list email me at and please let me know which class(es) you’re interested in.

I will be notifying those on my mailing list first, then I will open the rest of the seats up to the public. So you’ll want to make sure you’re on the waiting list!

If you have an interest in a certain class (or classes) please email me and let me know and I will make sure the class(es) comes up sooner.

Thank you!

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