How to gain Insights from Data

TLV Startup Marketing & Strategy Meetup
TLV Startup Marketing & Strategy Meetup
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Data, data, data - everyone is talking about data, and how important it is, and sure, it makes sense and who doesn't want to do a better job by understanding what works and what doesn't.

BUT ..... when you get right down to it, it turns out that it is not so simple.

There are so many different types of data that can be collected, and so much of it to go over, and how do I really interpret the meaning behind the numbers ?

And what should I do once I see there is a problem ?
What is the right way to proceed in fixing it ?
How do I understand not just that customers\users are having problems, but also the exact nature of the problem ?

In this meetup we will have the honor to hear from Eyal Gurfinkel, an expert with 18 years of experience in cracking these questions.

Eyal will outline tried and true methodologies for collecting and analyzing data in order to gain Insights and decide on Action Items.
He will give tips from his experience and will recommend different tools to be used in different stages and scenarios.

The lecture will be in HEBREW.

This lecture will mostly benefit entrepreneurs who have live customers or users using their product and are starting to get too much information that is not easily understood or analyzed.

09:30 to 09:40 - gathering and welcome
09:40 to 11:10 - Eyal Gurfinkel will lecture on using data to gain Insights to improve your product market fit
11:10 to 11:30 - Q&A

About Eyal Gurfinkel
Eyal is a data and predictive analytics expert with over 18 years of experience in these fields.
During his career, Eyal has developed dozens of retention/growth predictive analytics solutions in numerous sectors - from pre-seed startups to major banks.
Nowadays Eyal leads early stage startups in becoming data-driven, leveraging their data potential into a mechanism which increases growth and valuation.