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Grails vs. Django vs. ROR
Needs a date and time
a face-off between the 3 leading agile web frameworks. i'm the Grails evangelist in Israel and in the last meetup there was a few ROR developers - so lets find Django one and make a face-off...

Needs a location


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    What we're about

    The group started because we all read about new cutting-edge technologies, but hearing from someone who actually uses them daily is much better.

    The purpose of the group is to help us explore new areas of interest, or to share our knowledge.

    Most meetups will involve 2 "competing" technologies, just to make it more fun, and will be technical.

    They will also include cool activities like live demo of writing code, competitions, demonstrating cool widgets / plugins / code snippets / technologies that you've never seen, etc.

    We are open for topic suggestions, such as:

    - IPhone vs. Android
    - MySQL vs. Hadoop
    - Java Vs. ASP vs. RoR vs. PHP vs. Node.JS vs. Python...
    - javascript vs. coffeescript
    - mobile html5 vs. native apps
    - haml vs. html
    - linux vs. mac
    - JetBrains vs. VIM
    you name it!

    See you at the coming face-off

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