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Meditation Meetup - TMI Local Chapter
Agenda: We start with introductions, then we choose one or two guided audio meditation tracks from the Monroe Institute that we haven't done in a while and listen to them with headphones. Then we close with a group discussion. A few reminders: PLEASE try to arrive a few minutes early to get yourself settled, say hi, and make sure your headphones are connected and working. We will likely start the meditation at 7:45 and lock the front door so we are not disturbed, so if you do not arrive by then you may miss the session. Bring your headphones. I will have a few spares but not enough for everyone. If you have extra headphones and don't mind sharing please bring them along as some folks are bound to forget. I highly recommend closed ear and ideally noise-cancelling headphones. You may want to bring your own blankets and pillows. I have 6 zero-gravity chairs for folks to use, but some people like to listen to the guided audio meditation exercises while lying down. I do not have blankets or pillows for everyone so you may want to bring your own. Bring a notebook and something to write with to record your experiences. There's a good possibility with a group this size that this meeting will run a bit past the scheduled end time, as we want to give everyone a chance to share and participate in discussions. If you have to leave early I understand. Also note that sharing is completely optional and voluntary. There is no charge for this meeting, but donations are greatly appreciated as it will help cover my costs for the audio CDs, equipment, and extra cables I needed to purchase for our group. Suggested donations are $5-$10. Most importantly, be ready to learn a lot about TMI and have some fun! Looking forward to seeing you all! >>>>> DIRECTIONS: Take 183 to Avery Ranch Blvd. Head East on Avery and turn right into the Glenfield entrance just after the water tower. Then take the first left on Loleta Way. The house is on the left. If you want to take Parmer lane instead, Avery Ranch blvd crosses Parmer about a mile north of 45. From Parmer, head west on Avery Ranch blvd and take a left into the second Glenfield entrance just before the water tower. Use caution coming in and out of the Glenfield entrance as it is on a curve and is hard to see either way.. There's lots of parking along the street to the right. Please do not park in the driveway.

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If you are interested in meditation, expanded awareness, stress reduction, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences or deep relaxation, then this group is for you.

The Monroe Institute® provides experiential education programs facilitating the personal exploration of human consciousness. Over the last 30+ years, thousands have attended the Institute's residential & outreach programs, which incorporate the Binaural Beat audio technology known as Hemi-Sync®. Hemi-Sync® has been thoroughly researched and has been used to help listeners achieve deeper levels of meditation and expanded states of awareness more easily.

The TMI Local Chapter in Austin meets to support TMI graduates as well as introduce newcomers who are interested in The Monroe Institute® and Hemi-Sync® Technology. We use the latest audio technologies from The Monroe Institute® during our meetings. The format of our meetings is fairly open, but typically we will do introductions and an overview of the session, listen to one or two guided meditation audio programs, and then end with an open discussion. This is a great opportunity to become familiar with a variety of TMI products and what they have to offer, reach some deep meditative states in a group setting, and have great conversation with like-minded people.

For more information about the Monroe Institute and its founder Robert Monroe, please visit .

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