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If you have ever wanted to try or meetup with people that play Pen and Paper games, this is one site that helps in scheduling and discussing games.

This site is pre-dominantly for Pathfinder and Starfinder Organized play in Tennessee.

If you wish to schedule a game or sponsor a convention, please let any of the organizers know and we will be happy to assist with scheduling.

If you are a store owner and you want your store posted on the Venue, please send a message to one of the organizers.

Should you want your store listed as a sponsor, please contact an organizer and we will be happy to discuss it with you. There is a monthly fee to be listed as a sponsor.

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Starfinder: Truth Keepers

Outer Limits

A replayable Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3-6 (subtiers 3-4 & 5-6). A sudden terrorist attack on Absalom Station throws the PCs right into the middle of a vast conspiracy that sends them right into the heart of the militaristic empire known as the Veskarium. Venturing to the Veskarium capital city of Command Prime, the PCs must contend with an organization that seeks to undermine everything the Starfinders stand for. Take part in the Starfinder Society campaign's first foray into the Near Space domain of the vesk. Scenario tags: Repeatable

Starfinder: Cost of Living

Outer Limits

A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3-6 (subtiers 3-4 & 5-6). When a Pact Worlds colony out in the Vast calls for medical assistance, the Starfinder Society dispatches the PCs with much-needed medicinal goods. Arriving at the colony, the PCs must help the colony survive, as most of the settlement’s inhabitants are afflicted by a mysterious illness. As the PCs work to save the colony, they uncover the truth behind the illness and a conspiracy that could change the shape of the Pact Worlds. Scenario tags: None

SFS #1-02: Fugitive on the Red Planet

Lebanon Outlet Mall

A series of five Starfinder Quests designed for levels 1-4. Theft cannot be tolerated, especially when the culprit is a former Starfinder! The PCs travel to the red world of Akiton, hot on the heels of a deserting Starfinder who stole a magical relic from the vaults of the Lorespire Complex. Things get complicated when they discover what should be a dreary town in Akiton's wastelands is now positively jubilant. Could this revelry, not to mention the re-opening of town's formerly defunct mining operations, be related to the wayward Starfinder? Written by Jim Groves. Scenario Tags: None NOTICE: This will be in the food court. 2nd NOTICE: The cafeteria (the only establishment closes at 1:00PM so you may want to eat prior to coming. 3rd NOTICE: Game starts at 1:30PM Sharp. If you are not there, people from the wait list will be allowed to fill your spot. Update: We are opening a second table. Ringweld will be running the second table. We will lock both tables at 6 players and will move people as needed to keep both tables as even as possible. We will attempt to keep groups of people together if at all possibly.

PFS2 #2-01: Citadel of Corruption

Outer Limits

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–4. A new year dawns for the Pathfinder Society. For the past several years, Pathfinders have explored the edges of the Iobarian wilderness, making new allies and discovering hints at a long-forgotten past. Now, the Decemvirate has decided that it is time for the Pathfinders to do what Pathfinders do best: explore, report, and cooperate! In an ancient cyclopean ruin, the Society seeks to stake their claim with both a new lodge and, hopefully, new insights into Iobaria's remote history. Some secrets are best left buried, however. Will the PCs make a name for themselves as modern day explorers, or will the evil lurking at the heart of the Iobarian dig site consume their hopes and dreams? Written by Scott D. Young Scenario tags: Metaplot Special Note: This is still the learning process for PFS2. NOTICE: Due to the COVID 19 and social distancing, face masks are required in the store as per the TN state mandate. NOTICE2: Due to the store closing an hour earlier, the game is scheduled to start at 11:30AM and will end by 5:00PM.

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PFS2 Quest 4: Port Peril Pub Crawl

Outer Limits

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