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TOK kickoff!
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First meeting of TOK: - get to know other participants - talk through process - identify shared areas of interest - form research teams - eat good food & have fun!

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    How did we get here, to this current configuration of western culture? The roots of western esoteric traditions go back a long, long way, through centuries of cultural emergence, expansion, conflict, and invention, driven and shaped by milestone events and their aftershock effects. This narrative is nothing if not epic, yet how many of us really know, much less understand, its full trajectory? The purpose of this group is to create a crowd-sourced compendium of historical, cultural, and geographic data on western esoteric traditions: Where did they start? How did they evolve? What forces and events transformed them? How did they find their way across the Atlantic and how much did they mutate in the process? Are they still alive today and in what forms? This project-focused meetup group will be a collaborative adventure, spanning the spectrum from personal quest to academic foray, depending on each person's orientation. The process will involve group research, discussions, presentations, the likely creation of maps, timelines, animations, and other art projects, the unearthing of insights, the consumption of tasty food and beverages, and, hopefully, the revelation of some kind of path back to energetic origins. Calling artists and alchemists, Jedis and Indiana Joneses, cartographers and mythographers, seekers and "source"-erers (ha ha!). Let's figure out where this all goes back to... and where it's leading...!

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