What we're about


• To see and enjoy Japanese music live performances (J-rock,J-pop,J-metal bands)

• To drink together and talking about rock and life in japan.

• To go on Rock live fandom tour and travel all over Japan together.


• anyone who like music or travel. any genre OK!

• Japanese, off course OK.

• please talk in English or Japanese,sorry.

[About me]

• I'm 49 Years old and have a family (wife and daughter)

• I'm Japanese and living in Sangenchaya,Tokyo,Japan .

• I'm working in IT ,but I have national qualified Super Trip Visor. It has nothing to do with System.

• I'm not good at English,but I like to talk with people from abroad.

• I've loved many genres of music.(rock,pops,anime songs,enka,Jazz,fusion,R&B etc)

• Once I liked IronMaiden,Rainbow,BonJovi,WhiteSnake,GaryMoore,ThinLizzy,Vandenberg etc.

• I've forgotten to enjoy music for many years because my job was so hard (Systems engineer)

• In 2014, it was an accident to find Babymetal live peformance in UK.

• Since then ,it became a hobby to listen to Japanese Rock,Metal,Pops.

• I've found many cool bands(Girls band,Visual-Kei,J-rock bands etc) so that I would like to go

to lives with someone who likes Japanese Music.

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