What we're about


• To see and enjoy Japanese music live performances (J-rock,J-pop,J-metal bands)

• To drink together and talking about rock and life in japan.

• To go on Rock live fandom tour and travel all over Japan together.


• anyone who like music or travel. any genre OK!

• Japanese, off course OK.

• please talk in English or Japanese,sorry.

[About me]

• I'm 49 Years old and have a family (wife and daughter)

• I'm Japanese and living in Sangenchaya,Tokyo,Japan .

• I'm working in IT ,but I have national qualified Super Trip Visor. It has nothing to do with System.

• I'm not good at English,but I like to talk with people from abroad.

• I've loved many genres of music.(rock,pops,anime songs,enka,Jazz,fusion,R&B etc)

• Once I liked IronMaiden,Rainbow,BonJovi,WhiteSnake,GaryMoore,ThinLizzy,Vandenberg etc.

• I've forgotten to enjoy music for many years because my job was so hard (Systems engineer)

• In 2014, it was an accident to find Babymetal live peformance in UK.

• Since then ,it became a hobby to listen to Japanese Rock,Metal,Pops.

• I've found many cool bands(Girls band,Visual-Kei,J-rock bands etc) so that I would like to go

to lives with someone who likes Japanese Music.

Upcoming events (1)

Haloween 企画 - Let's get on a liveshow bus with punk idol 'Burst girl'

This is bus jack event that goes round shibuya and Harajuku area. The bus is only for Burstgirl,fans and we enjoy liveshow in the bus and promote burst girl to people walking Shibuya andHarajuku. The sound is heavy,punk rock so everyone who find BG stop to take movie of this. I'll send sample so if you want to join,please let me know until Oct23(Wed) #livehouse version https://youtu.be/q2RCwLUBUj0

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