Dinner @Black Market Bistro & Garden of Lights in Brookside Gardens

TOP-of-the-World and Living it Up!
TOP-of-the-World and Living it Up!
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Black Market Bistro

4600 Waverly Avenue · Garrett Park, MD

How to find us

You can find us inside at our table or ask for Dianne's group reservation or text me @ 301-466-5113

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Dinner Black Market Bistro: 6:30-8 pm (you can come just for dinner)
Leave for lights in carpool 8:15 pm and arrive 8:30 pm
Walk lights: 8:30-10 pm
Back to Bistro: 10:15 pm

You're home by 10:30 pm or so.

After dinner we will Stroll through the Garden of Lights in Brookside Gardens (Wheaton, MD) .

Visualize close to one million twinkling colorful lights shaped in imaginative displays throughout the gardens. Enjoy illuminated giant flowers, snowflakes, a rainbow and showers, and more. Walk along the easily accessible paths and you’ll see what sets this light show apart from others; it’s the hundreds of wrapped trees and shrubs, beautifully lighted gazebos, cascading fountains, and the individually formed displays in the shapes of blooming flowers and wild animals. Look for moving displays such as a flock of geese, or an 11 foot giraffe covered with 9,000 lights. This festive, secular light show, now in its 16th season, is a popular family tradition in the Washington, DC area drawing close to 40,000 visitors each winter.

Gazebo Inside of the Conservatory, a winter display of holiday poinsettias, flowering plants and evergreens are combined in bright and bold combinations, providing a colorful landscape through which the garden railway trains travel.

Brookside Gardens Address (if you want to go in your own car for $30; meet us for the walk in front of the visitor's center or inside it if it is cold (we'll look for you) at about 8:30 pm (text me).

1800 Glenallan Avenue
Wheaton, MD[masked]

Black Market Bistro

Entree Menu:

Holiday wines!

All Aboard, Mates!