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What we’re about

Vegan? Vegetarian? Or just hoping to learn more?

You've come to the right place! We are a social group for people who are interested in exploring the vegetarian diet. Join us at as many or as few events as you like!

Please not that we strive to create a safe, inclusive space – not just for vegetarians – but for those interested in learning more about a meat-free diet. Sanctimoniousness and proselytizing are forbidden. It is a judgement-free zone. All are welcome. With one exception – "event organizers" may host events where they can proselytize all they want – as long as this is made perfectly clear in the description of the event.

*************Required reading for all members*****************

Profile Guidelines: 

All members profiles must have the following.

- real first name
- an identifiable photo on their profile
- fully answered questions

Why? We are a real group that meets in real life. You can't meet new people using a fake name and no photo. Answering the questions helps people get to know you a little before you meet, so fill them out openly and honestly.

Do I need to be a vegetarian/vegan to join?

Whether you are a seasoned veg-head, beginner, or just looking to eat healthier every once in awhile, you are welcome here.

We ask that if you are not vegan or vegetarian, that you come to our events with an open mind and keep strictly vegetarian or vegan (meaning no flesh of any animal whether from the land, the sea, or the sky) while in our company, out of respect for the fact that this is a meat-free group.

Attendance Policy

Strong attendance is the key to the success of our events! This Attendance policy applies for ALL events except those labelled "Open Event":

1. If you sign up, show up! Any event that you've RSVPed 'Yes' for is one we are expecting you at. Not sure what your schedule will be like that day? Don't RSVP 'Yes', until you can commit to attending.

2. If you need to cancel less than 24hrs before an event, please give immediate notice by updating your RSVP and leaving a comment. This helps us keep accurate reservations.

Failing to update your RSVP will make you appear to be a 'No Show' at the event.

Changing your RSVP to 'No' hours before the event without alerting the organizer will also qualify as a 'No Show'.

Please be respectful and give adequate notice of your absence to avoid immediate removal from the group.

3. When RSVPing with a +1, you are responsible for this person's attendance and conduct.

We take attendance at our events and track last minute cancellations and no shows.

If you break the Attendance Policy, you may be removed from the group. 

What is an Open Event?

An open event means there's no meetup and this is not an event TVVM has planned, rather an event that we are cross-posting and encourage members to attend.

Fees? What fees? We don't charge fees to attend our meetups because we have great sponsors who cover the cost of running this group! All the organizers volunteer their time.

*If you are joining the group to market a product, you need to contact organizers first for approval. Group sponsorship opportunities are available. We do not allow members to direct market to the group using our events and anyone attempting to spam the group will be removed.

The $2 Donation.

We ask members attending some of our events to make a donation of $2 or more for charity. Please bring a toonie, we cannot make change! So far, our toonie collections have raised money for Toronto Humane Society, Snooters Farm Sanctuary, Toronto Wildlife Centre, and Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary totalling more than $1000. All very worthy groups working to help animals in the GTA.

This way we have good fun and for a good cause!