What we're about

Transcend is a group for people who wish to thrive. Not just in business, but in every single aspect of their existence.

We all want better relationships, greater self esteem and confidence. Many people get to a certain age and struggle finding their true life purpose.

Most of us would like to work more effectively, earn more money and experience a healthier and happier life balance.

The aim of this group is to get like minded people together. When lots of good energy is in a room, the possibilities are endless. There are already lots of interesting members here, who have their own insight and wisdom to share and discuss with us.

Self development covers a wide spectrum of things from physical to mental self care.

We'll also explore spirituality, meditation and self healing. NOTHING is off limits !

As a collective of like minded people, we aim to explore these desires and deliver tried and tested solutions to achieve them. This will be done through a series of meet-up's / discussions and some really special events.

We've got a few inspirational guest speakers lined up and some 'special member deals' on various self development events up and down the country.

The past is history and the future is a mystery, so let's seize the day and be the best versions of ourselves.


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Foundations : An introduction to Transcend.

Stonehouse Court Hotel

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