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This meetup is actually a class that will allow anyone the ability to learn HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, and programming methodologies. The class is run by our Recruiting Team Lead, Zach Sines, and has four different flavors: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Workshops.

Here are the class breakdowns:


Beginner Classes: Learning the basics of web development, we will cover front-end web development, database development, and programming methodologies. These classes will lead into the intermediate classes, but should get anyone up and running.

Intermediate Classes: These classes will cover deeper front-end/back-end web development techniques, methodologies, and attributes. There will also be individual subject covered for the not-so-basic developers. These classes will lead into the advanced classes, but should get anyone up and running.

Advanced Classes: These classes will be over particular subjects, ranging from dynamic back-end languages to advanced syntax usage and understanding. Topics will be wide ranging, but still broken down to understand easily.

Workshops: These are interactive classes that have a specific purpose, whether that be building a desktop computer, fixing a laptop, learning a specific technology, or something hands on.


These classes handle more day-to-day tasks or general knowledge when it comes to working in technology. Currently we are covering Resume Writing and Interviewing 101. More classes to come!

These classes are free of charge and sponsored by TRC Professional Solutions, who provides staffing services in the IT and Engineering industries. If you are interested in learning more about TRC, please visit our website (

The right people for this class are individuals who want to learn how to develop websites, databases, or get a different perspective. A basic knowledge is not required, just a passion for learning it. If you are motivated and want to learn good habits in front-end/back-end web development, come on by!

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