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Ever searched for a place where you could truly be seen and heard?

Ever wondered how you could learn and master the artful skill of connecting deeply to others?

What else is out there...

Some great places out there to connect with other great people. Almost all may attract similar people and a recipe on how to relate, yet true connection is not prescribed, it is -- like life -- improvised!

At the same time, there is a science to building deep relationships and an art to connecting truly. Some professional development trainings may even give us the brilliant theory and the juicy strategies to understand and improve how we relate, yet, very few actually help us to apply this knowledge in real life. Because of their one-off nature, training intensives finish without setting up the essential next step: a genuine community to continue to practice within.

How we're blazing a trail with more mastery and satisfaction...

what are quite rare are the following three core ingredients to help you master the art of truly connecting. Each and every one of these ingredients needs to be present for us to learn connecting skills so deeply that our lives begin to change when we leave this magical space:

1. A group of people who are committed and really care not only because of mutual learning and growth but just because that’s what they do… care a lot about each other.

2. Skills you can break down and teach, from the simplest child’s level up to the sophistication of being a master of relationships.

3. An environment that has optimal learning flow — a fine balance between challenging new stuff that is extremely fun while also being what people are ready for and can do!

Who are We?


Great question! That's the first thing I would be wondering about. We are a diverse group of helping pro's (coaches, teachers, parents, mental health and healthcare professionals) who study the science of relating well and practice the art of PLAYBACK THEATRE together

Playback Theatre is a type of spontaneous theatre and community ritual where in real people share true stories from their lives and see them played back!

What do we actually do together?

At every "Truly Connecting Experience", we do three profound things together:

We co-create the safe space to tell our own stories -- whether sad or joyful, poignant or ridiculously funny -- and so practice being fully present and real with one another.
We learn to listen deeply to the heart of human experiences and then to play them back with the instruments of our bodies and imaginations, through the power of PLAYBACK THEATRE.
We practice & take home one core connecting skill to use with our friends, clients, students, and loved ones.

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