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Meetup for the new community driven cryptocurrency called TUSC. TUSC stands for “The Universal Settlement Coin.” This cryptocurrency was developed to support the gun industry and other “unbanked” industries that have difficulty with traditional banking. There was no ICO or token sale. TUSC is not an illegal security.

Come learn about and contribute to the rapidly growing, international TUSC community.

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Off Chain Conference 2020

Karen Gail Miller Conference Center


EVENT REGISTRATION: https://eventchain.io/event-details/d609f43afa63a0f67dfe87602b7671cd/Off_Chain_Conference_2020/ February 28-29, 2019 | Karen G. Miller Conference Center, Sandy, UT Technology Can Liberate At Off Chain you'll learn how to use a wide range of technology to increase your privacy, gain freedom from government interference, and improve your self-reliance. This exciting two-day event will feature presentations, panel discussions, and hands on workshops from passionate innovators who will show you how technology including blockchain provides opportunities for developing new, decentralized methods for payment processing, identity management, transferring, storing and transporting wealth, and storing data. But Off Chain isn't just a blockchain conference. We'll also feature technology related to food preservation, self defense, disaster preparedness, cybersecurity, and communications. Off Chain will teach you how to leverage technology to increase your own personal freedom AND self-reliance. Register now to join other preparedness minded tech enthusiasts at this unique event! Learn more at the official event website OffChain.events!

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TUSC June Meetup and Shooting at TNT Gun Range

TNT Gun Range

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