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This group exists to build the gaming community in the Treasure Valley (Boise, Meridian, and more.)

Whether you are a tabletop RPG gamer, a tactical war gamer, or a board gamer, we want you at a table with fellow gamers.

Join us. Find your game.

Discord: https://discord.gg/VfnDtjq
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1708615642737422/

5E D&D Resource List: http://tinyurl.com/5EResources

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Treasure Valley Gamers Online Open Mic Night

Online event

Got gaming questions or a story to tell? Bored and feel like hanging out? Want to meet some new people? Stop on in on our discord server and join our "open mic" night! Maybe we'll talk about D&D, build a Shadowrun character, help someone design a dungeon trap or play a short game together!

TVG CYBERSHOTS: Delta Green: Operation Sunset Agate

Online event

----------What is this?---------- Delta Green, the game where you and your fellow players are operatives of a government conspiracy tasked with investigating, securing, and eliminating Unnatural incursions. Based on Call of Cthulhu, the game shares a lot of the same makeup, combat is lethal, your characters can go insane, and investigation is integral to success. A portion of the game is focused on examining the corrosive nature of your job and the Unnatural on your character's psyche and personal life. If you think it sounds like the X-Files, you're not too far off. Think of a mixture of the X-Files with True Detective. ----------How long will this be?---------- The first session will encompass character creation and part of the first session. The game itself should take 2 more sessions to complete, perhaps more. The sessions will run from 7 pm to 10 pm on Friday evenings. ----------What do I need to know to play this game?---------- The only thing you need to know to start is that this is a game of cosmic horror set in the modern day and that you'll be playing agents of the United States government on a special task force. The system itself is relatively simple to learn and not mechanically complex. ----------What do I need to have to play this game?---------- Once you RSVP you'll get a link to the Roll20 page for this game. You'll be able to find links to quick-start rules in the "forum" on the game page. You don't need to have read these to play the game, but sometimes people feel better having read it. So, you'll need: >A Roll20 account >A microphone >A headset (not strictly necessary, but it'll probably help your audio). ----------Will this game continue?---------- This is built to be a single event but the episodic nature of Delta Green lends itself well to a loose set of connected episodes, so if it's something that people seem to enjoy, there will be other missions you could take your character on! ----------I have more questions!---------- Excellent! Please reach out to me (Jacob Dunning) here on the Meetup or on Facebook or our Discord!

Amtgard- Larping in Boise

Ann Morrison Park

Amtgard is a US based larp group with chapters that meet locally all over the country. The local chapter is know as The Duchy of the Rusty Gauntlet and meets every Saturday for foam weapon fighting in a family friendly environment. If you've played games like Belegarth, Dagohir, SCA, Minds Eye Theater, or other LARPs, you might enjoy Amtgard. If you've never roleplayed or participated in Live Action Role Playing before: This is one of the easier and less expensive games to join. The combat is extremely simple and easy to pick up. The rulebook can be found here: http://amtgard.com/documents/ This event happens every Saturday starting at 11:00 AM. Please Check the Facebook Page or message Cody Walton for more information.

Pathfinder 2e - Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv

ABU Games

Soul’s for Smuggler’s Shiv ported to 2e and using 0th level and stamina rules to give a gritty survival feel.

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