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We are a group of concerned citizens who understand that radical, structural change is necessary to solve the unsustainable and cruel systems currently in place.

- Sustainability
- Rethinking Civilization/Radical Change
- Holistic/Structuralist/Systems Thinking & Approach to Society
- Promoting a Scientific World View
- Global Cooperation
- Reducing Suffering/Ending Poverty
- Activism and Awareness Building
- Unified Activism/Global Mass Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) recognizes that there are profound human-life improving methods currently available, that are going unapplied due to barriers inherent within the current established social system. The true roots of the social & ecological conflict and imbalance in the world today go deeper than the surface corruptions of political administrations, corporations, and financial institutions, to question the very foundations of what our tribalistic and scarcity oriented economic model itself is based on, motivates, and reinforces.

What used to work in the past is no longer working in terms of activism. Analysis shows that incremental change as we know it is no longer tenable. We are in a different era and one that is becoming increasingly more strangled politically. A new socioeconomic and political system is what we need...and we are running out of time. This is the beginning of a new conversation that all of humanity should be discussing. The American Revolution marked a moment in time when a group of people could physically disassociate from the dominant culture around them, giving them room to try again. This is the manner of thinking that is required today, as far-fetched as it may seem. Unfortunately, we are far too deep in the quicksand to assume the election of some new politician is going to begin changing things. A new level of radical is required.

Join us in expanding what's become the largest most consistent and legitimate grass roots social movement in the world. Our aim is to create solidarity among all activist groups to generate critical mass support via a unified message to leverage structural/legal changes to the economic order itself. Structural changes are always transitional towards what could be considered an end goal in establishing a world of peaceful, fruitful coexistence, with a fortitude of ecological sustainability and post-scarcity resource abundance.

Who is this Meetup for?
TZM is for anyone that recognizes that we live under an unsustainable, increasingly corrupt, and needlessly cruel system (or would like to learn why we believe it is, and what we believe can be done about it). Depending on turnout, meetups can range from casual conversation to organizing awareness events.

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