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Tabawa Center is a place for anyone to do all kinds of good deeds, including practicing generosity with our time and belongings, keeping precepts for moral behavior, and practicing meditation. It is a place for protecting, caring and helping each other or anyone in need, including meditators, the elderly, infirm, and animals. This group is for inviting anyone who would like to come learn and practice meditation, or participate in any way that interests them. The more we do good deeds, the more experiences, knowledge, and ability to do good deeds we have, so we do not place limits on doing good deeds. In society people have the option to do business or pursue education, arts, sports, etc. Tabawa Center offers another choice, the option of doing good deeds. It is a non-profit organization run on donations. The main branch of the center is in Thanlyin, Myanmar, now home to 4,000 people, and was founded by the Burmese Buddhist monk, Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara.

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Holiday Meditation Retreat

Thabarwa Buddhist Meditation Center

Refuge Recovery

California 74

Abhidhamma Retreat

California 74

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