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Casual gaming group for nerdy women-identifying folx in the north Dallas area. Target demo is 20-30 somethings, but all ages welcome! LGBTQ+ friendly.

For the duration of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place recommendations, we will be meeting online. Check out our community discord (https://discord.gg/uSAyejw).

I started this group when I moved to Texas because I was looking for a group of people to play D&D with. Turns out that is a common dream for a lot of women in north Dallas, New to the area or not.

I can't DM a billion games, so this meetup has become more of a nebula for TTRPG groups; we do regular board game nights and monthly RPG one shots so that if you're interested in starting a D&D (or other RPG) group of your own, you can meet other interested parties by attending our events.

Feel free to message me if you're looking for more information or have specific games/locations/dates in mind!

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[Online Gathering] - Welcome to Boardgame Arena (or Tabletop Simulator)!

I have a Boardgamearena.com Pro account, so I have access to all the games available on there. We'll gather on the discord and stream/play the games! It might be a full server, in which case we'll find a different place to play. In the past we've checked out Tabletop Simulator on steam. Join us, and check out our BoardGameArena community at https://boardgamearena.com/group?id=3119177. We also have a group on Steam (search Dallas Table Top Gamer Girls) so if we end up playing on Tabletop Simulator, you can find us there, also. If you join our discord, you can join our group there and never miss a game! (https://discord.gg/uSAyejw)

Table Top RPG...lite

Madness Games & Comics

Every month, we'll do a MicroRPG, sometimes referred to in the biz as a one-shot. These are RPGs like Dungeons&Dragons or Monster of the Week, but they're designed to be learned in a couple minutes and played in one sitting. This is a great opportunity to dip your toes in the RPG pond if you're interested in starting/finding a group. This is also a great opportunity to have some (usually pretty silly) fun and meet interesting people. At these events, we'll discuss plans for getting long-form RPG groups going, but no one is obligated to join one. Bring pencil, paper, and a flexible sense of adventure.

Board Games and Bread

Panera Bread Cafe

Bring your favorite games and your favorite game face and come prepared to have a stupid good time! Plus-1s welcome (no husband's, boyfriends, or guy friends, though, sorry!) The place does close at 10, but I'm an early-to-bed kind of person. If you want to stay later than I do, feel free! We'll try to start one game once we reach a critical mass of attendees, so timeliness is the best way to ensure you play your favorite games! We usually have two or more games going throughout the night, so late(r) comers won't be left out.

Game Day...but, like, no football.

Brickhouse Games

Bring yourself and your games! This is a great opportunity to bring those longer games--Your Betrayals, your Arkham Horrors, your Terra Mysticas-- since we'll have plenty of time before they kick us out.

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[Online Gathering] Overcooked/Overcooked 2!

Online event

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