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Newly Starting adventures in the Marzbanlands, 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons
The Marzbanlands Campaign – Player Briefing The Marzbanlands are wild and uncivilised, abandoned by civilised races centuries ago, before the modern kingdoms, before the wars and the rise of the Seljuq dynasty. The settlement of Tel-Abib stands on the far side of the parching trail, across the sand sheet sea on the edge of the Marzban. Tel-Abib is a garrison town, supporting a meagre force that holds the only safe trail across the sand sheet sea into the empire. Most locals cower in the safety of the Tel, the nearby Kufra Oasis or Cradle depression. There are, however those who come to Tel-Abib with more in mind. The brave or foolish souls go out into the wild lands in search of excitement, treasure, fame, and maybe if they are lucky a legendry artefacts from the ancient past. Most call them fools. Some call them “adventurers”. The Deal Although we’re using D&D 5e, this is a very particular game • I am looking for a pool of active players, the game sessions will be open to all comers. Adventures will be able to play as much or as little as you like, with no expectation of attendance every week. • There is no plot. The story is about some adventurers who went into the Marzbanlands explored, fought, died and if they were lucky found some treasures and returned to tell the tale. • By all means roleplay your character as you see them. Unlike my normal style, though, I’m not going to target your character’s tales– you’ll have to make your own using the world as you find it. • I won’t fudge die rolls, and I won’t scale encounters to the party. You’ll need to learn about the map and the dangers, and make sound judgements. This means inevitable deaths or even total party kills and we all know raising the dead is the prerogative of the gods not mortals. • I will, however, strive to make it possible to read the terrain, to learn the nature (and risk level) of different areas, and to signal when you’re getting into real trouble. • I have a map, but I won’t share it with you. Maybe make your own? • The campaign will run for as long as it does. There won’t likely be an explicit “end”.

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I've set up this Meetup page so Games Masters can look for players to join roleplaying games they want to run. Each event is a game a GM is looking for players to fill. These might be one shots, open games for casual attendance, or the 1st few games in a proper campaign. We generally run alternatives to D&D as there are already a lot of meetups that provide a service for that game.

I usually host my own games at Loading Bar in Dalston, a safe space for gamers to hang out.

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