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Update: Hi everyone! What a blast this has been. I moved to Austin TX in 2019 so Table for 6 DC/NoVA is on hold until it finds a new leader. ~Somer


Dining with strangers is fun. Seriously.

I wanted to start this Meetup because I absolutely love meeting new people, but found the larger Meetups to be a bit too overwhelming. What if I'm not really that into hiking... or chihuahuas... or boozefests? In "Table for 6" we'll set up monthly dinners for -- you guessed it -- you and 5 others. We'll explore approachable restaurants in DC and NoVA. Good food and good conversation. If you're single, great. If you're a part of a couple and want to meet other couples, that's great too. Just let me know.

Update March 2018... I renamed this "Somer's Table for 6" not because of my huge ego, but because Table-for-6's are popping up and causing confusion. This "Table for 6" Meetup is not affiliated with any other Meetups, even if they have the same exact description. We're taking it as a compliment ;)

Find us on Facebook! There is a group called "Table for 6 - DC / NoVA"


**The fine print**

• We take last minute changes and no-shows seriously given this isn't called Table for 6ish, or Table for Hopefully 4+ People. It's just not nice. If you cancel same-day or you are a no-show, you'll no longer be a part of the group.

• The table seating list will be posted 2-3 days before the event. If you change your RSVP from yes to no 3x after the list is posted, you'll no longer be a part of the group.

Also, I have received questions from members asking if they can plan an event. Yes please! I only ask that you stick to the theme -- tables of 6. This is what makes our Meetup special, and successful. It's some work for sure. Just let me know if you're interested and I can make you an Event Organizer.

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