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Come to our local vegan potluck gatherings to have fun, share healthy food meals, discuss our diet & various health issues, AND enjoy great lectures and divine music!

In today's environment, it is crucial to be conscious of our well-being in every way possible. By not eating animal products we are also consciously contributing to lower global warming. Be part of this movement!

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3240 Melendy Dr

KEEP EACH CELL ALIVE AND WELL especially in today's world. We will have a healthy potluck. There is more that can be done for our cells than using good nutrition.
See the newest cutting-edge technology. We will approach this from multiple angles.
In addition to some short sessions with electromagnetic frequencies and sound, we will have some videos, a live presentation, sharing and discussion.
Please contribute to the potluck an organic raw food dish or pay $5 if you can’t come up with something.

Doors will open at 3:30 for early sessions. Please arrive by 4:30 PM for the event.
For questions e-mail us: [masked]

Webinar: Educate yourself about Frequency Therapy for optimal health!

Saturday morning: Exciting live webinar event with product giveaways!
Frequency Therapy is great for optimal health and anti-aging. Get educated. We will provide in time an access link to everyone signing up.
For question connect with Anna or Michael Coulter.

Needs a date and time

Table of Life

The date is unclear. It maybe later in the year. W'll keep you posted.

A great combination: the best of raw food and Rumi poems! A true feast.

ERIC SCHNEIDER, OUR RUMI POET from Santa Cruz, is famous for his presentations. They are very heart touching and uplifting. We are very lucky and grateful to have him as our guest.
He will accompanied by uplifting cello music by ELAINE KRESTON.
You will not want to miss this.

Before the raw Rumi poetry we will have our raw GRAND SUPER POTLUCK.
Bring your favorite dish.

For your raw potluck dish use organic ingredients as much as possible. It can be simple or fancy, whatever inspires you. You will have to fill out a list of ingredients. Please no agave syrup, cacao or GMO products.
We also will make a photo of you with your dish for the web event album. (PS. Please let us know if we cannot publish your picture). As usual we will have 3 awards for best raw dishes.

Join your like-minded happy fellow travelers on the road of optimal wellness... inside and out. Please be on time latest at 3 PM. Doors open at 2:40 PM.

See you!

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"Inflademic" -- Fight For Your Life! --- Webinar with Dr. T

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