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Come to our local vegan potluck gatherings to have fun, share healthy food meals, discuss our diet & various health issues, AND enjoy great lectures and divine music!

In today's environment, it is crucial to be conscious of our well-being in every way possible. By not eating animal products we are also consciously contributing to lower global warming. Be part of this movement!

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3240 Melendy Dr

This maybe one of the most important events we ever hosted.

We want to introduce something truly interesting: the new Glycocheck test. This is exciting cutting-edge technology (video microscope and extensive software) which can see your blood vessels and the conditions they are in. This includes the the gel-like glycocalyx lining containing tinny little filaments about 200 times smaller than a regular hair.

This test shows if the lining of your micro vessels has been damaged. This could be from age, Covid, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other reasons. We will also introduce a protocol about what to do to restore the lining.

Do you know that the number one killer are heart attacks?
Do you know that 1 out of 7 people has adrenal failure and often does not know about it until they are in stage 4?

This will now change with the Glycocheck.

Let's have a productive event and enjoy the company of like-minded people believing in prevention with nutrition and cutting-edge technology!

We will have some healthy raw snacks.
The event is free.

PS. If you want to have the test done after the meet-up, please do not eat for 4 hours or drink caffeine that day.

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3240 Melendy Dr

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