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Welcome to Tabletop Games Arizona, the friendliest group around! This group is all about getting together and gaming at The Orc's Lair! Whether you are totally new to games, or a seasoned, vet, we encourage you to sign up, join some events, and meet some new friends! Events are posted all the time so please come and join us! We do board games, roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, Savage Worlds and the like, card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yugioh and much more! If you're interested in hosting a game at The Orc's Lair game store, send us a message and we'll help you out with what times are best!

Please note that games that say (FULL) in the titles are, in fact, full! If you're looking for a group, please join the games that do not have the FULL tag in the title. Please keep all private games we're not hosting on groups like SAGA! https://www.meetup.com/SURPRISE-RPG/

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Malifaux Tuesdays! Play, Paint, and Learn Miniature Games!

Interested in tabletop miniatures games? We 100% recommend Malifaux! It's an affordable, super fun and easy to learn miniatures game! You build em, paint em, and play em! The rules are 100% FREE online! And so are the cards (aka character stats!) See more here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux Come join the fun and get into this amazing new hobby with us! The player base is growing! We start around 2pm and play all day!

Join D&D 5E adventure, need 2 players 5th level

The Orc's Lair

We have been playing for about six months. We have a very good DM and a fun group of 4 players. We have a very mixed range of players, new players are welcome. Just bring a 6th level character. Although we have recently slain an injured black dragon we still could use more firepower!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel with Friends Every Wednesday at 6:30pm!

The Orc's Lair

It's time to duel! Play some Yu-Gi-Oh with us every Wednesday at 6:30pm! It's a super friendly and chill environment! Beginners and newbies welcome! Don't worry if you think you're not good enough! 5.00 entry for the night! Everyone wins at least 1 pack and 1 OTS special promo pack and even a candy treat for coming!

2020 Commander League! Join Anytime! Drop Anytime!

The Orc's Lair

2020 Commander League is go! Our goal is a fun and inviting atmosphere! You'll always feel welcomed, so don't be shy! Join this fun and chill league! It's commander, every week and its a ton of fun, even if you're brand new! Welcome to our 2020 Commander League where the focus is put on fun and casual play and a friendly atmosphere! New and friendly players are always welcome! Feel free to come early and stay after to practice and get some casual games in, everyone does it! - We play 4 weeks in a row, then start again after the 4th week and scores will be reset back to zero! - Jump in anytime, drop anytime! No commitments, only fun! Feel free to show up just for the night and not worry about the league if you like! You're always welcomed! - Buy in is 3 bucks, win in your pod, win a pack! Play for points or the win with our fun and unique Commander Achievement Sheets! First one out wins a free drink or snack! - Top 3 and bottom 3 players who have attended at least 3 out of 4 weeks will win prizes at the end of the 4 week league as long as your points are not in the negative! We added some cool new perks, and some new themed scoring! Be sure to check out what's new this year! We also play Commander every Friday for Friday Night Magic at 7pm weekly as well! Prizing is done daily for that event! Beginners and friendly faces always welcome! Save your drama for the llama (or another shop)!

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Magic Draft! Saturdays at 6pm!

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