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Welcome to Tabletop Games Arizona, the friendliest group around! This group is all about getting together and gaming at The Orc's Lair! Whether you are totally new to games, or a seasoned, vet, we encourage you to sign up, join some events, and meet some new friends! Events are posted all the time so please come and join us! We do board games, roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons, Savage Worlds and the like, card games like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yugioh and much more! If you're interested in hosting a game at The Orc's Lair game store, send us a message and we'll help you out with what times are best!

Please note that games that say (FULL) in the titles are, in fact, full! If you're looking for a group, please join the games that do not have the FULL tag in the title. Please keep all private games we're not hosting on groups like SAGA! https://www.meetup.com/SURPRISE-RPG/

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Yu-Gi-Oh Friendly Duels: Saturdays 3:30pm

The Orc's Lair

Get ready to d-d-d-d-d-duel!

The Orc's Lair is the chilliest place to play Yu-Gi-Oh. Beginner or experienced, you're welcome to attened! You don't have to be good to enjoy! We even have beginner decks to purchase for under 10 bucks!

We play 3 rounds and EVERYONE who attends goes home with goodies!

Don't be shy!

We play Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 3:30pm! Entry is only 5 bucks!

Dungeon Master's Workshop - DMs and GMs Unite Weekly!

The Orc's Lair

Dungeon Masters, you work hard. There's nothing to get the creative juices flowing than to surround yourself with books, supplies, and other DMs/GMs who you can bounce ideas off, discuss your games, share stories, and get some work done!

Join us for our weekly DM's Workshop and work on those games with other DMs! If you run a game (or planning to at some point) why not belly up to a table, sit in our comfy chairs, and get started!

Never DM'd but want to? Then this is for you as well! Come learn from more seasoned Dungeon Masters the tricks of the trade!

Things you can do:

- Draw out your maps
- Discuss ideas
- Get new ideas
- Work on props
- Get help running games
- Organize yourself
- Catch up on reading
- Score supplies under MSRP
- Save time and stress by getting ahead
- Recruit new players
- Give space to your loving other halves and get out of the house!
- Laugh at your players without them knowing!

See you there!

Magic Booster Draft for Friendly People! 5pm!

Needs a location

Newbies, casual players, and friendly players! Come down to The Orc's Lair and belly up to the most casual game store around and play some Magic!

In this event, you'll be given 3 sealed booster packs of Magic and you'll work together picking cards to build decks with!

After you build a deck (we'll help you if you're not sure how), you'll play 3 rounds of Magic!

Participators will all receive a FREE additional booster back, plus any wins you get, will net you more prizes, depending on how well you do!

Lose all your games? You go home with 4 packs anyway, its not about winning, it's about fun!

Don't be shy! We are top 98% in the WORLD for friendly and new players!

Mouse Guard RPG $5 RPG Night [FULL]

The Orc's Lair

Calling all brave mice!

Every mouse can, and every mouse will!

Lady Gwendolyn of Lockhaven is seeking mice to bolster the Mouse Guard. If you have any skill that can be used for the survival and betterment of mousekind, please consider coming to Lockhaven this Spring and applying! Weavers, apiarists, fighters, weather watchers, pathfinders, scouts, bakers, millers, carpenters are in need! Tenderpaws will work closely with a mentor and learn new skills!

This is a weekly RPG campaign currently full. Please express interest and we will consider running a second group if we get between 3-5 mice!

Note: this is definitely not D&D where it's about killing and slaying, but a co-operative RPG focused on storytelling and camaraderie!

Observers are welcome to watch!

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