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Greetings, fellow tabletop gaming enthusiasts!

We here at the Maryland Tabletop Gaming League work to help coordinate aspiring game masters organize tabletop games across Maryland.

Players of all experience are welcome to join us and look for games they would be interested in playing in.

Thanks guys!


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Dungeons and Dragons 5E - Session 0 Online Game

Needs a location

Good morning, everyone!
So, Ive been wanting to reopen this Meetup group for a while, it's been difficult with everything going on, but I'm ready to start this up again.

So, I wanted to try hosting online Dungeons & Dragons games for 5th edition. I have a discord set up and bought some boosts so we can play online. The purpose of this session 0 will be to talk about what kind of game we want to play (though, I usually run lighthearted fun adventures) and make our characters. It would also be cool if we could figure out like a theme around our characters to explain why they've all banded together in this adventure.

This game will be weekly, Wednesday nights at 6:30PM.

The link to the discord is set up. Kind in mind, there is a player limit for this game of 1 DM + 7 Players. My friend on discord is my +1, so we only have 6 spots. I can only allow people who are RSVPed on Meetup to play.



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Dungeons and Dragons 5e - The Great Waterdeep Break-In

Needs a location

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