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We are a friendly and well-established board games group that meets weekly. We have been running for around five years - it's free to come along on a Monday night and play all kinds of tabletop and board games. We have all kinds of games being played each week - it's bring your own, or just join in someone elses!

We have a great space in a central location in the city, well connected to public transport. Food and drink available on site and big, clean tables to play on. Plenty of room for all!

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Regular Monday Night Games #322

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Join for a night of board games, RPG, tabletop and social deduction fun. There's room for everything as we have 30 tables upstairs at The Wharf in Castlefield, Manchester.

Whether you are new to board games or a seasoned veteran there will be games you can join in. Rules will be explained as needed and the atmosphere is friendly. If you want to bring your own games please do so, otherwise you can find space in a game someone else is running.

Pop upstairs anytime from around 5pm and you'll find a friendly mix of people - just introduce yourself at a table that interests you. You don't need to arrive at the start to join in - you can turn up anytime and jump into the next available game.

There is free parking (though not unlimited space obviously, so snooze you lose - there is on-street offering as well which is free after 8pm) and the Deansgate-Castlefield tram stop is a mere 5 minutes walk away.

Please don't attend if you have covid symptoms!

If we are all sensible and use some common sense, we can make sure our events are safe for everyone to attend.

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome!

Werewolves for all #12

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In addition to our regular Monday games we're running a special night to play the social dedication game, Werewolves. Please note this will be DOWNSTAIRS in the back room to the right of the bar. Also ignore how many people say they're coming - we regularly get 12-15 people :)

This game emerged in the 1980's and has taken on many forms and names since then - you might have heard it called mafia - and is the parent of many modern deception games (The Resistance/Avalon, Secret Hitler etc) and is the game the "one night" werewolves series is based upon.

Werewolves takes place in a village, ravaged by fearsome lycanthropic enemies. You are either on the side of the village or you are a werewolf - the wolves are trying to eat villagers and the village are tying to catch and eliminate the wolves. Each game is split into two phases - a day phase where everyone is pretending to be a normal member of the village and voting to try and exile the wolves - but then night comes. At night the wolves awken and secretly choose victims. All is not lost however as the village have some superhero "power roles" - people with special abilities they can use at night. Choosing people to protect or investigate to find more information. It's a race to find the wolves before they eat their way through the innocents!

Each game lasts around 20 minutes so there's plenty of opportunity to be different roles as many games will be played over the course of the evening. When you die you get to watch the game and see the lies and deception unfold!

This night is for everyone but is aimed to get new players introduced to the game because our friends over at Manchester Werewolf Society will soon be starting up their regular Wednesday night werewolves. So if you've never played before, this is a great opportunity to come along and try something new. If you're a seasoned veteran - come along as well!

Any questions feel free to ask :)

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