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Formerly known as Metrowest Board Gaming. We are a group of gamers in lower New England that meet up to play strategy board games, deck-building games, LCG's, and the like. We originally started in Metrowest, but have begun expanding beyond those boundaries to serve gamers across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Currently, we have three weekly meetups (every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday), four fortnightly meetups during the week (every other Monday and multiple events for Tuesdays), four monthly meetups on the first Thursday, the third Thursday, and the fourth Monday of the month plus one Friday night based on venue availability. On top of all that, we host one all-day event on a Saturday every quarter to play longer games that we are not quite able to get in at one of the weeknight meetups. There are also other occassional one-off meetups in addition to those and several several fill-and-fire events you can view by expanding the "More Meetups" at the bottom of the Upcoming Meetup list or at the Fill and Fire page (http://www.meetup.com/TabletopGamersAlliance/pages/Fill_and_Fire_Games/ (http://www.meetup.com/MetrowestBoardGaming/pages/Fill_and_Fire_Games/)).

This meetup group was established on September 10th 2013 and currently costs $144 per year to run (Meetup.com Subscription Pricing (http://help.meetup.com/customer/portal/articles/465027-organizer-dues-price-plans)). das_ninja (http://www.meetup.com/MetrowestBoardGaming/members/74469272/) (the group organizer) would be extremely grateful if members each donated $1 per year towards that annual cost. You may give your donation in cash directly to das_ninja or to any Event Organizer in the group.

You can also "Chip in" with bank or credit card using the button on the left-middle of the page beside the piggy bank. Meetup takes $0.50 + 7.5% of each "Chip in" transaction, so please donate at least $1.50 when using "Chip in". Meetup does not allow us to customize the values for the buttons on the "Chip in" page, so please let your sticker-shock quickly subside.

All donations will go towards the cost of the subscription. Any donations in excess of the cost of the subscription will be applied towards the cost of a running one of the quarterly meetups or a one-off meetup. Members who donate will be forever recognized on the Wall of Gratitude (http://www.meetup.com/MetrowestBoardGaming/pages/Wall_of_Gratitude/)

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FRAGS (FRAmingham GamerS) meets at my house in Framingham on Thursdays. I have been running this event for over 30 years. I have hundreds of games, a full-size pool table, and 15-seat movie theater for PS3 games including BUZZ and ROCK BAND, in addition to movies. This event is open to all members of Unity Games, Metrowest Gamers, MENSA, Meetup, and others. On a typical week, there are 12-15 people and at least 3 games going - usually one heavy, one medium to light, and one party type game.

Wegman's Friday Night Board Games!


My Weekly Wegman's meetup is not on FRIDAYS. Come join us upstairs for all kinds of gaming fun! We enjoy playing, learning and teaching new games and are open to players of all game levels. I hope to see you soon!

Gamacea 2019

Courtyard Boston Natick

Gamacea - The cure for all the boredom that ails you! This is our two-day event consisting of 32-hours, straight, of gaming! Website up at: http://www.tabletopgamersalliance.com/2019/gamacea Registration for Gamacea will open at 1PM on March 29th! There will be a limited number of Early-Bird weekend registrations available. All online and advance registrations will be for the entire weekend. Single-day registrations will only be available at the door. Here is the pricing structure for registrations: Early-Bird: $20 / person (limited quantity!) Online (regular): $25 / person (available until 1PM on April 26th) Weekend (at-door): $35 / person Saturday-Only (at-door): $25 / person Sunday-Only (at-door): $15 / person ========================= We also have a guest room block at the hotel for anyone that would like to stay overnight to take advantage of the 32 straight hours of gaming! More details can be found under the Lodging section of the Gamacea web site: http://www.tabletopgamersalliance.com/2019/gamacea/venue/lodging The deadline for booking at this discounted rate is 3/31 at 4PM Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/415367805697637/ ========================= More details TBA!

Sunday Board Gaming at Excelsior

Excelsior Comics and Games

Come and join us for open board gaming at Excelsior! They have a large gaming area to seat approximately 50 gamers in addition to a growing board game library that patrons may take right off the library shelf and play at-will. They have also dedicated their Sunday schedule for just this open board gaming event, so us board gamers will have the pick of the tables during the entirety of the event which happens to run the entire time the shop is open on Sundays. Attendees are welcome to bring in their own games or use games from the library. Bobby will also run game demos during the event in case you want to learn a new game or simply try before you buy. In case you are interested in purchasing the game from the demo session, Excelsior will offer 10% off the price of purchasing a new copy of that game that day on top of the 10% discount they are offer to all MBG members (for a total discount of 20% off). If for some reason they are out of stock of the demo game and must special order it for you that day, they will order it for you and allow you to take an additional 10% special order discount on top of the previous two discounts for a total discount of 30% off! Want to special order something that is not the demo game? Add the base TGA 10% discount and the 10% special order discount together for a total of 20% off any special orders. Nourishment: The shop carries various snacks and non-alcoholic beverages if you need something to snack or sip on while you game. For more substantial food, there are many eateries located within walking distance from the shop on Main Street. Parking: Excelsior has an agreement in place with the Jiffy Lube at 3 Powder Mill Road. Attendees may park in the lot behind the Jiffy Lube building. From there, it is a short walk across Powder Mill Road to the Excelsior's door on the corner of Powder Mill and Waltham Street, which is the 4-way intersection closest to Jiffy Lube.

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