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Our goal is to bring the gaming community of southeast Texas together. Like many of you, I've dealt with searching through internet forums and gaming store pin boards and haven't always been the most successful at finding a game to join. We believe that there are pockets of people out there gaming that would like to try something new, add a new player, or maybe even give someone a break from the game master chair. We also believe there are people out there itching to give gaming a shot for the first time, but have no idea where to begin or how to get started. This is an opportunity to meet new people, game with new people, try new games, or re-invent old ones.

Our plan is to meet every third Saturday of the month at noon. We'll talk about games, network with other gamers, and demo a few games as well. If you're a fan of tabletop role-playing games or board games, then come out, join us, and help us grow the community.

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