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What we’re about

NOTE: Due to time constraints from work and an undergrad program, I have to postpone my activity with this Meetup until this Fall. In the meantime I suggest checking out this corresponding meetup in Seattle if you're looking for a somewhat similar theme.


Tacoma Liberty on the Rocks is a social group with a libertarian focus. We discuss current events, new technology, political philosophy, and activism. We swap books and ideas. Best of all, we keep a fun and friendly atmosphere. Libertarians of various stripes, and anyone with an active interest in the world attend and are welcome to join this group.

Discussions tend to fall under one or more of the following:

• Public Policy and political philosophy

• Technology, and it's impact on the political sphere

• Activism and current events

In addition to meetups centered around general discussions/hangouts, we also aim to have meetups centered around projects and activities that relate to liberty as an ideal in some form or another.