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Contact Curt at 860-798-0628
There is a cost set by the town of Windsor. Please see Windsor CT on line for details. We should be found under Hwa Yu Tai Chi enening classes. We are located in the recreation room behind the Gym.

L.P. Wilson Community Center

599 Matianuck Ave · Windsor, CT

What we're about

Hello: We welcome you to a small group of people learning the art of Hwa Yu Tai Chi Chuan. Everyone is invited. I’m told that Tai Chi is not easy and it is not hard to learn if you put the time and effort into it. After 9 years of playing with Hwa Yu Tai Chi I’m still learning. Taking my level of skill, as high as I can get while on this earth. Learning the form is a key component to Hwa Yu Tai Chi. Like learning how to fly without a airplane. You can learn the skills needed but until you take to the air it’s only flapping your arms. It will require you to be focused and, learning to be relaxed at the same time. Learning about the kinetics of your body and how make those connections.

This is the Art of total body movement. Unlike exercise programs and exercise equipment, Hwa Yu requires you to think about your body, as you are working out. How you find your center and your balance and much more.

It offers a lot more than Yoga, requiring the combination of continuous coordinated alignment of multiple joints while learning to coordinate all aspects of your body throughout the form all at one time. Slow purposeful movements are created over time and effort. While coordinating your breath, in a relaxed manor within all of your movements.

The long term health maintenance of Hwa Yu will carry you throughout your lifetime. Daily Tai Chi will extend your present level of health and with time can improve it.

Hwa Yu Tai Chi is a relaxing program of low impact total body exercises to practice anywhere to maintain vitality and heighten cognitive function. No batteries needed. No cumbersome equipment.

We maximize whole body movement, with emphasis on total body awareness, stretching exercises, range of motion, Chi development, relaxation, proper breathing, you will obtain a higher sense of awareness. This is a lot to ask of one form of exercise. One cannot expect to accomplish all this in just a few days. Perfection takes a life time. Getting good, a while longer. Tai Chi is something you take with you always. With Tai Chi you never stop learning. With daily practice in and out of class you will continuously discover new things about the form that surprise the practitioner. It is a total health program you can bring it with you wherever you go and it's fun too.

Hwa Yu is also a very good total self defense program. Those that want to pursue the martial aspects of Hwa Yu Tai Chi will appreciate the detail and efficiency of this art.

Light comfortable clothing is recommended. You will get warm as your Chi improves. Shoes should be light and flat if you have them. No shoes optional.
We meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. In the evening from 6 PM to 8PM. 2 hours each class, and occasionally on the weekends. Often when one starts out it’s not unusual they are unable to work out for the full 2 hours. Each individual tolerance is different. The rowing, walking, and standing are hard on beginners. And difficult to master.

For best results Hwa Yu should practiced as often as possible. Just like taking you daily vitamin. When you return to class, progress is measured by what you can bring back to class with you. The more you retain the faster you grow.

New students will follow along with the more experienced students. We all progress at your own rate. I want you to feel confident as you acquire more skill. So no one will be left behind.

This is not a race. Slower is faster. We all will get to the end sooner or later. No rush.

Just do it with style.

Curt Eaton Senior Instructor

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