• Tai chi classes start on Jan. 17th! Get a whole new you in 2019!

    Your first tai chi class is waiting for you! You can wear anything, but comfortable shoes, like sneakers, are recommended. No high-heels or any shoes that are not comfortable. Even stocking feet for the first class is OK. Loose clothing is best. Please take off your tie or belt. Here is why tai chi is the greatest gift you can give yourself in 2019 or any other year. From "The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi:" Doing tai chi on a regular basis can - Improve your balance and bones Ease your aches and pains Strengthen your heart Deepen and enrich your breathing Sharpen your mind Enhance your psychological well-being and sleep quality Improve your skiing, golf, and tennis Enhance your creativity Not bad, huh? The longer you practice tai chi, the greater its gifts. So get started! The first part of this first weekly class will offer a Q and A, so you can learn anything you're uncertain about. Then we begin. We will explore how to stand and move in a new way, how to slow down and concentrate, how to create a healthier, better you! Each class is $20 in cash or check. If you buy a group of 6 classes, you pay $100. Looking forward to seeing you in 2019! Nancy

  • Tai Chi 10-Form (Tai Chi Kung) Starts Sept. 20th ( This Thursday!)

    Hi, If you have ever wanted to do tai chi, now is the time! Learn 10 postures in this class that will have you practicing in no time. The class meets weekly for one hour. The cost is only $20 per class or a group of 6 classes for $100 in advance. This is a mind-body exercise with many health benefits - improved cardio-vascular, respiratory, and balance functioning, plus increased strength and co-ordination. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday! Best wishes, Nancy

  • Free Intro to Yang Style 10-form Tai Chi

    Simple Studios

    HI, Please bring all your questions and get to know a little more about tai chi. I will demonstrate the 10-form, which you can do daily - the preferred way to maximize health with tai chi. Here is a video of Grandmaster Yang performing this handform. Note that it takes less than 3 minutes! The benefits for daily tai chi include better cardiovascular health, greater stability, stronger bones, less anxiety, and increased concentration among others. What are you waiting for? Let's do it together. Best wishes, Nancy Please RSVP before the 10th of Sept. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTL3P3nlYU4 PS Class to follow from Sept. 20. Same time, same place. $20/session.

  • New 6-week, 10-form intensive for absolute beginners!

    Starting May 17th for for the following five Thursdays, I will be offering an intensive class in which to learn a short tai chi form that you can use daily. Tai chi requires commitment. This is 6 hours over 6 weeks to a less anxious, more balanced, and healthier you! You will be learning a 10-movement form that you can perform daily in minutes. The benefits of tai chi - better cardio-vascular health, stronger bones, improved balance, greater coordination, less anxiety and better concentration - only happen when you do it and do it regularly. This is an easy way to start. The cost is $20 a class. Or $60 up front (no refunds!) for all 6 classes, or only $10/class. This low cost will hopefully inspire you to come and learn each week. I will be offering this course if I get at least 3 people. And please do not RSVP if you may not come. I have to book a room and need an accurate head count. To RSVP is a part of commitment. Please wear flexible, soft-soled shoes, like sneakers, and wear something comfortable and not restrictive. No neckties or tight belts. Looking forward to helping you get the best from your first tai chi experience! Best wishes, Nancy

  • Almost Free Tai Chi

    Simple Studios

    HI, All you tai chi fans! I would like to help anyone who wants to learn tai chi for health to do it. So I'm trying something new. I'd like your help with this. I want to offer an almost free class to anyone who wants to learn a basic tai chi hand form on Thursdays, 4-5pm. I will need about 8 people who can donate $5 each week to pay for the room. That will mean I will be able to offer this on a weekly basis to anyone - including you and your family and friends. Anyone can drop in whenever possible. No health club fees or getting together a team in order to improve your heart health, bone density, lessen anxiety, and improve your balance among other benefits. I really want people who may not have done much exercise for a while as well as others who want to try something new. Anyone can come, whether you are a member of Meet-Up or not. Just arrive, sign a waiver/registration form and start. Obviously, I can't afford to do this without getting at least enough people to contribute money to cover the room. But it can be a big class with people dropping in on a weekly basis. So I would very much appreciate your help in getting the word out. Please mention the class as by donation and open to anyone on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network you belong to. I hope to see you there or at another class. In the meantime, please assist me in getting enough people to come so I can give this class on an on-going basis. It's a good way to reduce all our doctors' bills! Best wishes, Nancy

  • Meet up!!! In a New Class - the 16 Form, Yang Style

    Simple Studios

    HI! It's here! Time to take the leap and do (or as the Chinese say "play") tai chi! Great for the body and mind. We will learn a new movement each week, reviewing from week to week so if you have to miss a class, you can make it up. The best way to do tai chi is a daily practice. Once you learn a form, you can practice every day for the fullest benefits. And you can do the 16-form in 3 - 4 minutes! Here is a vid of Grandmaster Yang Jun performing the 16. He makes it look simple. It isn't, but you can learn it and you will improve over time. You will use no more than 70-80% of your capacity on any one move. Slow and steady progress without tension is one aim; having fun is another. Cost is $20/class. See you on the 15th! Best wishes for the Year of the Dog! Nancy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb5cce-qF3Q

  • Join a new tai chi class for beginners!

    Simple Studios

    Start the New Year off right with a class in tai chi! You can learn the short 10-form in about 12 weeks. After you understand the basics, you go deeper by doing your form every day. The Yang 10-form only takes about 3 minutes! Those 3 minutes a day that will help improve your balance, concentration, and increase your bone density and cardiac health among other benefits. Classes are about an hour, cost $20 at time of meeting, cash or check. Just do it! PS: Please RSVP so I can arrange the right room size for the group. Thanks! PPS: Got questions? Free short intro to tai chi essentials, Q and A on Jan. 11 at 5PM. Please RSVP for this - and bring a friend. All welcome, whether you take the class or not.

  • Intro class of Yang Style 16-movement tai chi form

    Simple Studios

    This is a class for absolute beginners. Fee is $25 each for first 12 classes, then $20 per class. You don't have to know anything about tai chi. Just open yourself up to the possibility of learning and you will. This mind-body slow-moving and elegant exercise will lessen anxiety, improve balance, bone health, and improve your cardio-vascular system. At 6PM, Continuing Beginners Class. We will be reviewing and then finish learning the 16-movement form. Please let me know if you are coming. Reservations allow me to rent the right-sized room. Thanks! Nancy

  • Free lecture on "The Ten Essentials of Tai Chi" plus Q & A on tai chi.

    Find out about the ideas behind tai chi from this short, informal lecture. Then ask any and all questions about tai chi. All welcome!

  • Beginner's tai chi class starting May 25, 2017.

    Simple Studios

    Hi, You asked for it! Please come to tai chi in the evening. There will be a fee for these weekly classes teaching you the Yang Family Style 16 movement hand form. With no kicks or very low moves, the 16 form is perfect for beginners, yet challenging even for those with some experience. Doors open at 5:30, so you can change into sneakers or rubber-soled shoes. Loosen your belts and ties or just wear something you can move in comfortably. Water and snacks available if you want them. Relax after your work day. Class starts promptly at 6 for 45-50 minutes. See you on May 25th! Nancy