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These beginner classes are perfect for those with little to non previous experience. Bookings now open!

Develop core-strength, grounding and focus in our new beginners course, exploring posture, the Short Form and an introduction to Qi Gong.

Develop calmness, relaxation, and increased energy with guided sessions in a supportive atmosphere.

Starts: Wednesday 11th January, 7-8.15pm
14 weeks for £126

Starts: Wednesday 11th January, 8.30-9.15pm
14 weeks for £70

Enrol in both courses (7-9.15pm) for £182!

Location: Drake House, 44 St. George's Road, Wimbledon, SW19 4ED

Call Amaia on 07889144573 to book your place now!
For more information visit http://www.taichinews.com

Learning Tai Chi with Mei Quan:
As a result of teaching thousands of students in London over many years, Mei Quan Academy of Tai Chi has developed a highly effective beginners course that enables the student to learn the basic elements of Tai Chi (also written as Taiji or Taijiquan). The course has proven successful in helping beginners to overcome any anxiety or particular difficulties they might have.
Classes entail a mix of warm-up and conditioning exercises, Tai Chi Form, Qi Gong, and Partnerwork.

Students first learn the Beijing 24-step Short Form. This highly enjoyable form is the basis of the beginners’ course. This provides a strong foundation for the learning of the full Long Form in later classes.

Qi Gong:
Our students learn a variety of easy but highly effective Qi Gong exercises, primarily from the famous ‘8 Pieces of Silk Brocade’ sequence, and the Zhan Zhuang, 28 Steps and Taijigong sequences, which all contribute to improving health and developing awareness of the body’s energy.

Partner Exercises:
We also use, in combination, three very simple and highly enjoyable partner exercises, Sticking, Yielding, and Centering, to develop balance, co-ordination, spacial awareness and sensitivity.

Warm-up, Conditioning, Basic stepping and Stance:
Warm-up and conditioning, basic stepping exercises, including Tai Chi Walking, and the basics of stance and body mechanics, complete the overall picture to give a well-rounded and satisfying introduction to Tai Chi.

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