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Whether new to the art or returning, this class is designed to introduce you to fundamental Tai Chi postures and practices that will familiarize you with the art and lay a new blueprint of movement in your body. This is always a great first class (though feel free to begin with any class) and by the end you will feel the benefits, physically and mentally, of the world of Tai Chi.

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Do you want to build muscle, burn fat, improve balance, increase flexibility, and reduce stress? Then welcome to the world of Tai Chi where together we create a relaxing and non-judgmental atmosphere that fosters learning and letting go while strengthening your body and improving your inner peace. During our informal instructor led lessons, you will begin a journey through the beauty of this ancient art while almost instantly feeling the benefits of Tai Chi as you easily learn the moves. Afterward, you will take away the lessons you’ve learned with you throughout your day, and find yourself with a resilience and stillness you may not have known you had. Tai Chi is such a wonderful world that is great for all age groups, fitness levels, and experiences and can quickly give you a stronger healthier body and a more balanced mind. So join us today and begin a new and wonderful journey into the world of Tai Chi.

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