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Through the Taichi mediation and excercise, we can improve your overall health, confidence, self defense. Unveil the mysterious ancient form of Chinese martial art. It is an organic way to age gracefully. All the excercise we do are proven effective for a lot of diseases like: insomnia, spine health, weak digesting systems, depression, cardial vascular disease, brain related diseases etc.

For eastern culture, we don't believe in pills. Those chemicals will mess up with the body and will have side effect, adding the burden to liver and kidney. We use the most organic ways to clean your body and vessel. Restore your stamina and get back to health. You don't have to be a very physical guy to master Taichi. Don't hesitate to come because of different conditions. You are welcome here, I believe we can cure you in the most ancient and organic ways!

We are just starting up, and we currently use open space in the Bellevue crossroad park. Depending on the whether, we may use the covered space under the pavilion for our exercise. If we have more Taichiists, we can rent a space in community center.

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