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Through the Taichi mediation and excercise, we can improve our overall health, confidence, self defense. Unveil the mysterious ancient form of Chinese Taichi. It is an organic way to maintain and restore your health. All the excercise we do are proven effective for a lot of health issues like: insomnia, weak digesting systems, cardial vascular disease, brain related diseases, etc.

In Eastern culture, medications have side effects and should be avoided, adding the burden to liver and kidney. Taichi the most organic ways to clean your body and improve your stamina. To learn and master Taichi, You can be at any health level. Don't hesitate to come because of different conditions. You are welcome here, I believe we can cure you in the most ancient and organic ways!

Our group has started quite a few years, and a lot of students have learnt the Taichi in the public class. Now the group will start offering private lessons for both forms and meditation, or health improvement from medical conditions. Please contact my directly for any private lessons and the quote.

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