What we're about

We're a group of dog lovers who are ready to go "BEYOND THE SIDEWALK" with our best friends. Our main goal is to actually spend quality time with our pups doing fun things, instead of just hurrying through the daily grind of walking around the neighborhood.

Usually, we have 2-3 events/week, year round. When it's cold, we hike. When it's hot, we kayak. Most of our paddles are B.Y.O.B, we do not offer or coordinate rentals of kayaks/sups.

YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO ATTEND EVENT. NO GUEST DOGS! If you don't want to join our group, answer our questions, rsvp like other members do, and abide by our rules, then you aren't welcome to hang out with us. Human guests are usually welcome, unless we have attendance limit, but you're encouraged to come alone and make some new friends.

No political talk on our hikes, and we don't want to hear about your "ex" or your nasty family crap. This is supposed to be a positive experience for everyone, so leave the negative and controversial stuff at home.


THE PACE OF OUR HIKES/PADDLES is more relaxed, and our groups are smaller. We take our "goof off" time seriously, especially if there's a puddle, creek, lake or river around. You do have to be reasonably fit for most of our hikes, which average 3-6 miles long. Usually, we hike 6-15 miles/week in cool weather.




Keeps our dogs and people safe and happy. By joining our group, you acknowledge that you have read these rules and agree to abide by them. You, obviously, hike at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety and your dog's safety.

If you don't like these rules...or think they don't apply to you...you should not join our group!


If your dog is mean or aggressive, you will be asked to leave.



• A picture that clearly shows either you or your dog...prefer one of your dog!

• A real name for you and your dog

• Your dog's name, breed and age.



Upcoming events (5)

DOG PADDLE, Pacific to Allenton. OUR BEST LOCAL FLOAT, super scenery!

SUPER SCENERY. Our very favorite local paddle. Nothing scary, but a couple of fun spots. A point-to-point float on a totally isolated and beautiful portion of the Meramec River. BRING LUNCH. We will stop for lunch on the sandbar that we always see from the Glassberg overlook deck. About 7 miles, allow 4-5 hours. We will finish when we finish. We are not going to power paddle through it. We will stop to take pictures, enjoy the scenery and let the pups swim/cool off whenever we need to. NO CELL RECEPTION AT PARKING LOT AND MOST OF THE FLOAT. Please....be sure you know your abilities, for your own safety. You must keep up with the group and you must complete the 7 miles. Nowhere to stop or turn back. This is not Simpson Lake! NO FIRST TIMERS NO GREENIES (Intex Challengers). NO BEGINNER DOGS. Dogs must be river savvy, or leave them at home. RATED EASY to MODERATE, due to a couple of pretty tricky spots, but much is just the usual Meramec River stuff. There will be current and probably some submerged obstacles. We might drag bottom a couple of times, but not bad....depends on water level. You must have an upgraded or hardshell kayak or a sup, and have some paddling skills. Dogs must wear PFD at all times while onboard. If you don't know what to bring, you should not be signing up. Sunscreen, water & lunch for sure. We will meet at the Allenton Access by 9:30, load up and caravan about 15 minutes to the Pacific access to launch. We should be loaded in cars and on the road to Pacific launch site at 9:45, arrive at Pacific around 10:00. We will leave when we're all ready/inflated/loaded up, around 10:15-ish. HARDSHELL KAYAK OWNERS.... you will need to be sure that you have a shuttle buddy and make your own arrangements in advance. Inflatable people are not set up to help you shuttle your boats. DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Use meetup mapping, it works well here. Hwy 44 to Hwy 109/Eureka exit. Go left on 109, under 44 and turn right on first road on right (at Quik Trip). Go up about 1/4 mile to left onto main drag through Eureka. You will come to a set of RR tracks. There is a road that runs between the 2 sets of tracks....follow it for about 3 miles, until you get to Huntersford Road. Turn left onto Huntersford Road and go about 3 miles. Down a big hill. Small sign on right for river access once you reach the level part of the road. You will turn left onto gravel road at the sign and it will take you to the launch ramp where we will finish our paddle. We'll load up there and carpool from Allenton to Pacific, about 10-15 min NO CELL RECEPTION AT PARKING LOT.



Easy beginner paddle. Okay for first timers. We will probably spend time "resting" in our yaks on the water, just a goof off relaxing paddle. Not a power paddle, we don't do that. All of our paddles are B.Y.O.BOAT. We do not have rentals. Dogs must wear a PFD at all times when onboard. Humans must have a PFD aboard...wearing it is optional. SUP STL (meetup) usually meets here also. They rent paddleboards. They meet at 6:00. You must join their meetup group and sign up through that group to rent a sup. https://www.meetup.com/SUP-STL/ NO GUEST DOGS. Our events are for member dogs only. If you bring a human guest, be sure they read this writeup...it applies to guests too! BRING BUG SPRAY! You'll need it. Be sure to check your equipment list before you come. You may be deflating after dark. Be prepared. IF YOU HAVE A NEW INFLATABLE....be sure to inflate it at home first and let it sit for at least 12 hours to check for leaks. Read your instruction book and know how to set it up and take it down. Install your skeg, figure out your valves, seats, etc. You should allow about an hour to learn how to work your kayak - do that at home. If you're a newbie, take a minute and read this: https://www.meetup.com/TailsOnTheTrail-STL/messages/boards/thread/51392520 Meet at 6:30-ish, we will launch about 7:00. Park closes 1/2 after sunset, so we need to be off the lake by about 8:45. If you arrive late, catch up. Launching from "beach" where we usually meet. Mapping works well here.

GREAT RIVERS RAFT REGATTA at Greentree Park in Kirkwood ***NEW DATE***

NEW DATE, I'm reposting as a new event. B.Y.O.BOAT, no rentals. NO BEGINNERS. NO FIRST TIMERS. The float is from Greentree to George Winter,about 7 miles. This is a very safe stretch of the Meramec River, probably okay for greenies. But there will probably be partiers and crazies everywhere. You should have some basic paddling skills to avoid wrecks. Sponsored by Great Rivers Greenway and the Alpine Shop. More details to follow. I will find a more specific startup time for us. We might start at Valley Park ramp to avoid crowds . They are limiting participants this year. https://www.facebook.com/events/931582893910644/?active_tab=discussion PFD's required. If you bring a dog, the dog MUST wear their life jacket at all times. Humans must have their aboard. No exceptions. Expect some serious party people and craziness from rafters. If you're not comfortable with that, don't sign up. We can stay way away from them in our kayaks. It's a big river, we will stay safe


Simpson Lake County Park

ONE OF OUR FAVORITE PADDLING EVENTS! Good for beginners, dogs and "greenies". A fun evening of just doing mostly nothing, sitting out on the lake waiting for the full moon to come up. You can pretty much do whatever you want. We will go around the lake probably. Maybe up the creek, but greenies have to be careful there. Meet at the beach, not boat launch ramp. Bring headlamp or lantern....you'll be deflating after dark. Bring bug spray. Hosted by St Louis County Parks. You can rent a canoe for 2, if you don't have a boat, but they are limiting it to 10 people for each of the 2 time slots. The provide hot dogs and marshmallows afterwards, but you have to register and pay for these things. If you bring your own kayak/sup, you don't need to register. But please don't eat the food. Here is the link to register and/or reserve a canoe. https://www.facebook.com/stlouiscoparks/photos/gm.3208715062493898/3816311595108035/?type=3&theater

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