Simpson Lake Dog Paddle is CANCELED, due to lots of rain moving in.



Grand Glaize Parkway · Valley Park, mo

How to find us

Meet at boat launch ramp this time.

Location image of event venue


Meet at the BOAT LAUNCH RAMP this time, at the end of the lake by the eagle nest. Much easier, when we have a small group and a weekday. We can paddle up Simpson Creek, if there isn't a bunch of junk in the way. Or we can paddle the lake. Usually, we do both, if we can.

Be prepared to sit still a lot while I take pictures, if Momma Eagle decides to put on an air show again for us. It's worth it, she gets very close sometimes.

Be sure to have your pfd, water is still cold if you sink.

Y'all know the rest.
See you there.


Use mapping, it works well here. The Grand Glaize Parkway is immediately adjacent to the Valley Park levy tunnel. There is a big sign there for MSD. A small parking lot on right, about 1,000 feet down the road, before the MSD gates.