What we're about

This group is for those that are passionate about biking (around Taipei area).

Little about me and why I started this group:

I moved to Taiwan from US. Most of the time I ride on my own. But with Taiwan's traffic, I thought it might be safer to find a few other people to ride with. I live in Xinyi area. I don't have a lot of time or vehicle (yet).

Where I typically ride:

1) Elephant Mountain (象山)

2) Tombstone Mountain (崇德街)next to Liuzhangli station.

3) Maokong Station (貓空/深坑)

4) Yangming Mountain (陽明山)

Most are my rides are 120 mins or less. On average, 90 mins. Until I can find a quality off road trail, for now, I am just riding mostly pavements.

If you don't have a lot of time, and just want to get a ride in before your busy day starts (or at the end of your busy day), this group is for you.

When I ride:

Typically on weekends or holidays. Can be early in the morning or late in evening. I am not a big fan of biking in 100F (37.7778C) weather with 100% humidity.

What I ride:

I ride a 29er XC mountain bike or road bike (Pending Ride). I have been riding for 10+ years. I am not a professional nor am I a beginner. I welcome anyone (man or woman) that's interested in getting into biking or anyone that's an experienced rider.

Obviously you have to provide your own bike, tools, cell phone, money, and water. And NO, YouBike does not count. Unless you can ride really fast on 3 speeds and be very trigger happy with that single tone bell.

Group Disclaimer (not limited to):

Everyone is required to carry an emergency contact info (in pocket or wrist ID). We need to know who to call in case of emergency.

Please note that this is a not a general biking class or how to fix your bike club. This group is for those that just want to ride, have fun, look out for each other, and stay alive.


Please know how to ride a bike, know how to change gears, know your own physical limitations (ie... if you're feeling out of breath or dehydrated, you should probably have the common sense to stop riding, walk or seek immediate medical attention), and most importantly...... know when to apply the brakes.

We will not be held liable for anything. This is biking at your own risk.

You should probably have your own medical insurance, knowledge of an ER doctor or have healing power of Wolverine.

There will be no adult supervision, parental guidance, hand holding, or finger pointing.

Lastly, since we are all adults, you will not be asked to sign any waivers of any kind. You should know that biking in Taiwan is generally NOT safe. At any time, you may fall, get chased by a dog, eat a bug, get stung by some weird looking black insect, hit by a low hanging tree branch, bike into a large tree, get cut off by moving vehicle, get chased by a local farmer that uses their broom as a spear, or all of the above.

Just be prepared for anything. Including having fun.

Past events (5)

Morning Ride to MaoKong (~2 hours round trip)

MRT LiuZhangLi Station

Ride to MaoKong @ 6am (not 7am)

MRT LiuZhangLi Station

Ride to MaoKong @ 7am (last min ride)

MRT LiuZhangLi Station

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