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An introduction to Simone de Beauvoir
Born in France in 1908, Simone de Beauvoir is one of the major figures in the XXth century philosophical landscape. She made important contributions to the fields of existentialism, phenomenology and ethics. Her most important work, the two-volume book "The Second Sex", a discussion of women's social position throughout history, is considered one of the pillars of modern feminism and starting point of the second-wave feminism. It is in this work that she wrote the famous phrase: "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." In this event, we will be discussing de Beauvoir's philosophy. After a short introduction of its main ideas, the table will be open for debate. No previous knowledge of de Beauvoir's work or historical background is required. For the curious, here's an article that can serve as reflection starter: Hope to see many of you to discuss, inquire, think and learn! Antoine

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Critical thinking is the process of forming an opinion using logic and facts. Should we all be vegetarian? Are sports competitions a form of war? Do we have free will? Is bubble tea better than coffee? These are questions we can evaluate using critical thinking.

Critical thinking is also a method that allows us to question information we are confronted with (how accurate are the claims of my neighbor's sister's friend's facebook post?) and to check our biases (I can't find any flaw in that person's logic, and yet I still don't accept their argument; am I biased against them?).

In this meetup we meet once a month to discuss a theme or a question, sometimes serious (are we all inherently evil?), sometimes less so (is it OK to have a virtual romantic partner?).

Depending on how many people show up to each session, the discussion can be autonomous or moderated. In any case you are invited to discuss respectfully, to listen to each other and to use critical thinking to formulate your opinion. If time allows I might even decide to give crash courses in critical thinking.

ONE IMPORTANT THING: members should have enough mastery of the English language to understand arguments made by other members and formulate fluently their own. Do not use this meetup for the main purpose of improving your English skills!

If you have any question, feel free to message me. Hope to see many of you at our next session!


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