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成為企業家的路徑絕對不會是直線的,通常是起伏不定,讓許多人不知道如何向前。 台北企業家精神社團提供一個聚會、分享、建議的空間,給志同道合的您,有交流及認識朋友的機會。 完全圍繞著創業精神,給企業家、專業人士、自由業者及任何有相同理念,想要交流的人,一個創新的平台。

The path of an entrepreneur is never straight. Wonderful highs, plentiful lows, and most of the time not a clue how to keep pushing forward!

Taipei Entrepreneurship Meetup Group offers a space to come together and share advice, give support, create strong networks and just make friends with like-minded individuals.

All around entrepreneurship.

For entrepreneurs, professionals, freelancers and anyone who would like to connect with similar minded people, all welcome!

New topic each week, but if anyone has a specific topic they would like to see covered, or if you would like to reserve a slot to present your business or current project, please message us in advance.

Note: Strictly no MLM/self promotion. This is a community for support and collaboration :)
Note: 社團目的是讓社員能夠彼此支持及合作,因此社內嚴格禁止直銷以及販售及盈利目的的自我宣傳。

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