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Yes! You got it right! In this meetup we will reveal the secrets to be a digital nomad:
Step 1: Work on your day job selling bananas on the side
Step 2: Negotiate to your boss about the benefits of working from home
Step 3: Continue selling bananas until you are comfortable with the income you are getting.
Step 4: Quit your day job and travel the world. Congratulations, you are now a banana-preneur.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Management not responsible for any ill effects.

Hear it from an accomplished remote-preneur/ digital nomad Charles Du. In this meetup, he will share with us:
- what made him decide to be a digital nomad
- how did he 'test' the niche he wants to be in
- how did he figured it all out???

Charles used to be a product manager at Live Nation Concerts, former evangelist at Apple Inc., and former product manager at NASA.
Currently, Charles is busy with, an online course for software product managers, yogacharles, and

Join us on July 31st, Wednesday, from 7:30-9:30PM, at The Hive.
Tickets available at $200, with 1 drink.

See you all and share us your banana stories!

PS. The headline is from "The Best Title Generator" --

在這次Meetup 中,我們將揭示成為數位游牧工作者的秘辛:
第1步:白天辦公室努力工作, 晚上夜市賣香蕉
第2步:開始洗腦老闆在家工作的好處, 很省成本喔
第四步:辭職開始環遊世界。 恭喜你,你現在是香蕉企業家了。

免責聲明:後果有所不同。 管理階層不對任何不良影響負責。

從一位成功的遠端企業家/數位游牧工作者 - 查爾斯杜, 聽到這樣的生活方式。
- 是什麼讓他決定成為一名數位游牧工作者
- 他是如何'測試’出想要進入的利基市場
- 他是怎麼達到的?

Charles曾經是Live Nation Concerts的產品經理,Apple Inc.的前產品傳道者 (evangelist),以及NASA的前產品經理。
目前,Charles正忙於專門給軟體產品經理的線上課程專案 -,yogacharles 專案和nomadcharles.com的在線課程專案。

7月31日星期三晚上7點30分至9點半在The Hive, 了解更多數位遊牧工作者的職涯之路。
門票NTD $200,含1杯啤酒或飲料。


PS。 標題來自“最佳標題生成器” -。