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** Welcome to one of the coolest communities in Taiwan **

The Easiest Way to Meet New Friends in Taipei in a Safe, Free Environment & Have Fun Doing That !

TAIPEI FRIENDS: 20 & 30 somethings in Taipei

Locals, Expats & Visitors; Taiwanese, 台北人 & International Friends-- ALL ARE WELCOME !!

Languages: English, Chinese or Both

• Enjoy life, practice a language (English/Chinese) for free, and learn another culture, while making friends and expanding your social circle!

• Sharing and Exchange of Languages, Cultures, Connections, Expertise, Friendships, Social Circles, Resources, Activities, Fun Stuffs & Info...

This is a forum in Taipei where people get to hand out in a fun and safe environment. We aim at building a big community with friendly people currently residing in Taipei.

You don't need to have experience overseas or be able to speak English to join this group. Every friendly person is welcome to join this group! Include local people in Taipei or Taiwan.

If you happen to be traveling to Taipei, you would be welcome to join our group and events^^ If you are a Taiwanese currently overseas, still welcome join the group!

Everyone is welcome! All events are free of charge! Members are welcome to propose meetup events for the group, as long as it's safe and fun for participating members. (E.g., any kind of social events that are of interests to members--tea/coffee, dinner, lounge, dancing, special events...)

Best Things in Life are Free !

* We are not-for profit and not affiliated/associated with any (private) English school, for-profit service agencies, or individuals with commercial purposes/agendas for organizing groups/events.


We are establishing a global network of Taiwanese communities. You get to connect to Taiwanese worldwide, as well as foreigners who like to know Taiwan or make Taiwanese friends. Stay tuned!

******* We are the World *******

International Friends @ Taipei

If you are culture, language, travel, and/or fun lover, and you like to enjoy them for free, this is the group for you!!

Language is not a problem--welcome to join us if you only speak Chinese, English, or another native language of yours.

* If you would like to improve your English, you can meet friendly native English speakers here! And you get to practice English conversation with them for free! You can also assist our international friends with Mandarin learning or blending in their life in Taiwan...

If you are a new comer or happen to be traveling to Taipei, welcome to contact this friendly group also!

We will connect to other non-profit communities worldwide. Wouldn't it be nice if you travel to Paris or Tokyo, you get to meet lots of local residents there, and they may as well show you around and do the interpretation for you free of charge? Let alone the valuable information, assistance, friendship, and security... It may even facilitate the trips that were originally impossible for many of us.

Global Collaborations for a Better World

Taipei Business & Social Network (3,500+ friends) (https://www.meetup.com/Taipei-International/)

20 & 30 somethings in Taipei (3,900+ friends)

We live in an ever-shrinking global village, where modern technologies connect people from any corner of the world in a way and intensity never seen before. We also have the fortune to live in a vibrant city that is home to diverse cultures and people of various ethnic backgrounds.

The goal of this Meetup group is two-fold:

(1) To promote cross-cultural dialogue and cultural/language exchange through a variety of local activities and events, as well as international trips.

* Participation in these events is always optional and the organizers are not charging for service.

(2) To build a network of global friends communities so that you have friends all over the world.

* You get to visit them or participate in group events if you travel there. We will also facilitate on-line events so that you can keep in touch with each other after returning to your home town or get to know people at your travel destinations while you are planning your trip...

Our community offers a unique opportunity to experience some of the international cultures that Taipei hosts, to share your knowledge of your own cultural heritage with other event participants, and meet new friends and expand horizon while doing so.

Socializing & Fun ** Language Exchange ** Activities ** Free Service to the Community

Upcoming events (1)

*Social After Work* (FREE) Meet People from Around the Globe!

Let's facilitate a major social networking event among professionals, networkers, & fun lovers! Locals, Expats, and Visitors are ALL WELCOME !!

Agenda: networking in a Saturday afternoon + extensible to dinner. OK to join halfway.

Language: Chinese, English, or Both (Fine to be fluent in just one of the languages.)

I will promote this event intensively, and hopefully we will get lots of attendees and make networking fun and worthy of your time and participation.

Details to be updated soon. RSVP if interested. You can cancel your RSVP if the date or plan eventually doesn't work for you or attract you enough.

University/college students (at graduate or undergraduate level) are welcome too. it's in fact a good opportunity to practice your English for free, and meet people from all walks of life.

Joint event with Taiwan Entrepreneurs (2,500+ 創業家 & 台北專業青年) (https://www.meetup.com/Taiwan-Entrepreneurs/)


Check out a previous event (with 150+ RSVPs) at



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Indoor Rock Climbing & Meeting Other Adventure Lovers

Needs a location

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