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Taipei Video Tech Meetup #3

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Taipei Video Tech Meetup #3


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自從去年8月份第二屆 Streaming Meetup 結束後,主辦單位陸續收到各界迴響,希望我們能夠舉辦第三屆串流小聚,經過6個月的沈澱,這次 KKStream 再次攜手 17 Media 和 Umbo CV 即將在3月13日(三)帶來革新的「Taipei Video Technology 串流產業沙龍」!

「Taipei Video Technology 串流產業沙龍」將過往的「Streaming Meetup 串流小聚」升級結盟影音科技組織 Demuxed 全球社群,不僅代表台灣影音串流技術接軌國際,更是對於台灣產業在影音串流科技的高度肯定!

我們將承襲活動的初衷:“堅信凝聚眾人的力量能幫助串流產業的夥伴,無懼面對瞬息萬變的市場挑戰,同時透過交流分享激盪出跨界合作的無限可能!“「Taipei Video Technology 串流產業沙龍」規模持續擴大,除了首次獲得國際大廠參與贊助,更跨國邀請Japan Video Technology主辦單位代表來台分享,期待有更多業界夥伴加入,到現場和我們互動交流,一起聊聊業界新鮮事!

除了 3/13 舉辦實體活動外,我們也創立影音串流技術專屬的Slack群組,未來將透過Slack公布活動內容、分享新知,還能在群組發問找高手解答,歡迎申請加入:

Welcome, streaming experts!

The last (lazy) Streaming Meetup ends in August 2018. It’s been a while, and now we are back after more and more inquiries for it. After 6-month procrastination, KKStream, 17 Media and Umbo CV would work together again to bring you “Taipei Video Technology #3”!

Transferred from “Streaming Meetup” to “Taipei Video Technology”, we would casually announce to join the alliance with other video technology tech groups around the world, with Demuxed.

So, this time, we would also invite experts from Tokyo Video Tech to share their insights.

Except the event on the 13th March, you can also join us and to have more random chatting on a dedicated Slack workspace here:

18:30 - 19:00 Come join us
19:00 - 19:10 Opening
19:10 - 19:30 Talk1 (20 min)
19:30 - 19:45 Break
19:45 - 20:05 Talk2 (20 min)
20:05 - 20:20 Break
20:20 - 20:40 Talk3 (20 min)
20:40 - 21:00 Closing


Talk 1. 【狼人殺】 "Wolfman Kill"

17 一直致力於提供豐富多元的內容以滿足不同族群以及年齡層的使用者,這次17改編了經典遊戲「殺手」,打造出全新互動體驗遊戲「狼人殺」,除了讓各路好手可以在 17 平台上即時「開殺」,還能同時將遊戲內容直播給所有用戶。

17 Media adapted the classic table game "Killer" into a new interactive online game "Wolfman Kill". In addition to allowing streamers to instantly play on the platform, 17 Media also streamed the live game to all users.

Racing Wang & Jonas Chen | Senior Engineer@17Media

Talk 2. 【Journey in Demuxed 2018 from engineering viewpoint】

Demuxed 是一個全球影音科技的領先組織,每年在舊金山舉辦串聯世界各大城市的純影音技術研討會。KKStream將從技術觀點出發,為大家濃縮2018年度大會的精華,直擊研討會現場有趣、特別的所見所聞,同時也將第一手分享全球Video Engineer 最關心的技術趨勢!

From a technical point of view, KKStream will summarize 2018 Demuxed Conference, talk about interesting and special findings in the seminar, and share the technology trends most concerned by global video engineers.

Neal Tsai | Video Engineer@KKStream

Talk 3. 【Subtitles University】

In the video content, subtitles have various ways of expression to let the director tell the viewer the intention in a short time.
I will introduce the technology necessary for realizing the expression of high-quality subtitles like a movie theater by video streaming, issues and solution in each language.

Hiromine Kanazawa | Chief Managing Director@Forecast Communications
CLBC Soapbox 肥皂箱展演空間
永安里 Mingshui Rd, 569號 · Zhongshan District, Ta
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