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Speaker: Yung-Yu Chen

Title: C/C++ for Python's Use: You Wrap It [video record is not available]


Python is slow. A lot of times we just need to go to something better than Python. Let's see how Cython and boost.python make this a pleasant work

Speaker Introduction:

Yung-Yu is a software developer for technical and scientific applications. He likes to solve equations numerically that can't be solved otherwise.

Speaker: TP (

Title: We Buy Cheese in a Cheese Shop

搭 Python Wheels 正式發表的便車, 講 Python package distribution 的過去現在與未來。

• What is a Cheese Shop (

• Python package 怎麼從作者手中被裝進你的電腦。

• Python packages are more than just Python.

• Wheel is the future. Adapt today!

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