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大安區復興南路一段293號 · Taipei

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The entrance is an apartment door (with "CLBC" bell label)

第一場: 19:00 ~ 20:00 Tutorial About Skyfield.

第二場: 20:15 ~ 20:45 Uncomplicated Concurrency in Python

講題 Tutorial about Skyfield

講者: David Mikolas

講題介紹 ( English )

Predicting the movement of the sun, moon, and planets in the sky used to be a high-art, practiced by wizards and priests. Now anybody can do it with a few lines of python!

The package Skyfield ( is the pythonic end result of a huge amount of work, math, coding, and long computations.It puts the heavens at your fingertips, by loading and accessing the JPL ephemerides ( for you and then giving you all the necessary math, interpolation, spherical trigonometry, light speed propagation and unit conversion as simple python methods.

I'll show you how to find out where the planets are, were, or will be, when and where the sun will rise and set and how to optimize the direction of your solar panels - even predict eclipses!

Skyfield can also interpret standard two-line elements ( (TLEs) of satellites, so we can calculate when and where various satellites will pass overhead.

I'll use python 2 to teach, and we'll need numpy, matplotlib, and a command line terminal. Since time is limited please install Skyfield ahead of time, and just test the example at the top of the home page. We'll compare our results to Stellarium ( and In-The-Sky ( the off-line and on-line resources I recommend.

講題介紹 ( Chinese )

預測天體如太陽、月亮,及星行的運行,曾經是門由巫師與祭司實行高深藝術。如今人人都可以用幾行 Python 程式碼來預測了!

Skyfield 套裝軟體(是一個匯集巨量工作、數學、程式,以及長時運算的 pythonic 成果。它提供你簡單的 Python 方法來做所有必要的數學運算,如內插、球面三角學、光速傳播,以及單位間的轉換。(藉著存取 JPL 星歷表( ;

我會教大家如何使用 Skyfield 找出星球在過去、現在,或未來的位置,找出日落跟日出的時間跟方位,如何最佳化太陽能版擺放的方位,甚至何時會發生日蝕!

Skyfield 也可以解譯衛星「兩行軌道要素」(Two Line Elements 或 TLEs,,因此我們可以計算出各種衛星會在何時何地的上方經過。 ;

我會使用 Python 2 進行教學,需要用到 numpy、matplotlib,以及命令行終端(。由於時間不是很充足,請先裝好 Skyfield,並且試跑一下 Skyfield 官網上的範例,確定有安裝成功。我們會將計算的結果跟 Stellarium( )以及 In-The-Sky(,這兩個我建議的離線與線上資源做個比較。


講題:Uncomplicated Concurrency in Python

講者:Mosky Liu


It will introduce how to implement the CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes) in Python with common libraries.

CSP(communicating sequential processes)是一個著名的並行系統(concurrent systems)數學理論 [1],並獲得 Go lang 採用作為其並行設計的基礎 [2]。其優點是相較於傳統的多執行緒設計來說較為簡單 [3],依此理論可以設計出更好維護的並行程式。

雖然 Python 並沒有特別將 CSP 設計成語言的一部份,但我們仍可以利用常見函數庫內的工具實現 CSP,寫出更好維護的並行程式。講者將介紹各種利用 Python 常見函數庫,包含 event-driven、multithreading、multiprocessing 層級,實現 CSP 的方法。

[1]: (

[2]: (

[3]: (


Mosky is the Python Charmer at Pinkoi, an online creative design good marketplace. She has spoken at 10+ conferences, including PyCons, COSCUPs, TEDxNTUST in Taiwan, and PyCons in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, has several Python packages, teaches Python, and loves open source. more:

Mosky 是 Pinkoi 的 Python Charmer,是個熱愛 open source 精神的 Python 工程師。曾在 10+ 場研討會發表過演講,包含臺灣的 PyCon、COSCUP、TEDxNTUST,以及在日本、新加坡、香港等地的 PyCon。同時也擁有數個 Python 套件,也有在教授 Python 課程。more: