x PyCon TW 2017: 三月份 Sprint!

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本次的聚會是 PyCon TW 2017 的 Sprint 活動!

We're going to have a PyCon TW 2017 "Sprint"!

所謂的 Sprint,就是當天會有開源專案的負責人,帶著他們專案待解決的問題、issue 來現場與大家分享與解說,參加的人可以就自己感興趣的專案一同加入。透過這個互動機會將能更了解自己關注的相關專案領域。歡迎帶自己的開源專案來找同好。對已經有一定 Python 基礎的人,想參加開源專案開放但不知如何加入,或者害羞怕自己不了解該專案環境的人,參加 Sprint 是個大展身手的好機會!

During a sprint, open source project managers will bring their projects and explain their issues or any unresolved problem. After the introduction of all projects, people find their projects of interest and get involved. By this interaction possibility, one can dig deep into projects or fields they care.

It is highly welcomed to bring one’s own project and find enthusiasts of same interest. For people with sufficient Python background who wants to join open source projects but having no clue or too shy to shout out on the mail list and public channels, sprints serve as a great chance to get involved.

本次 Sprint 主題:審稿系統優化計畫開跑!

開始要 call for proposal 了,這次我們想邀請對於 reviewer 這個工作有興趣的人,一起參與我們,我們將分享給你 PyConTW 審稿系統、我們如何審稿,然後也希望你們一起參與我們的審稿系統優化計畫!


Sprint Theme: Kickoff the Optimization of PyConTW Review Process!

The PyConTW just starts calling for proposal recently. We want to invite people who are interested in the job of reviewer to join us. We will introduce the underling review system of proposals in PyConTW, and how we review the proposals. Hope you to join us to optimize our review system and make PyConTW great again.

We also welcome you to bring your projects together here!

活動流程 / Schedule:

10:00 ~ 12:30: Setup & Introduction & Coding

12:30 ~ 13:30: Food Party

13:30 ~ 16:30: Coding

16:30 ~ 17:00: Sharing & Summary