Past Meetup x PyCon TW 2018 Post-Conference Sprint! 六月份衝刺開發!

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(歡迎參考 PyCon TW 2018 的官方網站

這是 PyCon TW 2018 的衝刺開發(Sprint)活動!衝刺開發是一個聚集開源專案負責人、貢獻者、想貢獻但不知道從何開始的人的活動。在活動中,將會有專案領導人帶著他們專案待解決的問題、待開發的功能來現場分享與解說。你可以選擇加入自己喜歡的專案,或是帶著自己的專案和大家分享!

對已經有一定 Python 基礎的人,想參與開源專案但不知如何加入,或者害羞怕自己不了解該專案環境的人,參加衝刺開發是個大展身手的好時機;而對於專案領導人來說,這是一個找到志同道合的朋友、面對面和貢獻者交流、帶領更多新人加入開發的好機會!

• Python 官方文件繁體中文翻譯 - 一起讓 Python 更繁體中文使用者友善吧!
• Pipenv - 打造更好的 Python 開發流程
• Plone - 用 Python 打造的開源 CMS 系統
• 你的專案 - 如果你有興趣當專案主,歡迎在本活動下方留言!或是透過 [masked] 聯絡我們

• 09:00–09:30 集合、打招呼、隨意聊天
• 09:30–10:00 各專案解說、參與者加入專案
• 10:00–12:00 衝刺!
• 12:00–13:00 午餐、隨意聊天
• 13:00–16:30 Sprinting
• 16:30–17:00 成果分享

(Please also refer to PyCon TW 2018's official website )

This is PyCon TW 2018's "sprint"! A sprint event gathers open source project owners, contributors, and people who wants to contribute but trying to find a place to start. During a sprint, project hosts bring their unresolved issues or new features under development and share with everyone. You can join a project of your choice, or bring your own project here!

For those who already knows fundamentals of Python and wants to participate open source projects, but doesn't know where to start, sprints are great opportunities to get yourself involved! As for project hosts, this is a great chance for you to find people with similar interests, having face-to-face interactions with contributors, and getting new contributors to your project's development! Be prepared to get your hands dirty!

• Traditional Chinese Translation of Python Official Documentation - Let’s make Python’s official documentation more friendly for Taiwanese people!
• Pipenv - Python Development Workflow for Humans
• Plone - An open source CMS built with Python
• Your Project! - If you’re interested in being a project host at the sprint, please contact us at [masked]

• 09:00–09:30 Setup / Networking
• 09:30–10:00 Projects Introduction / Choose a Project
• 10:00–12:00 Sprinting
• 12:00–13:00 Lunch / Networking
• 13:00–16:30 Sprinting
• 16:30–17:00 Sharing / Summary