Data Science and Machine Learning with Rattle and R



這次的主角 Dr. Graham 其實就是 R 中的知名套件 Rattle 的作者,他本身也長期投入 R 與許多 Open Source 專案的開發與推進!此外,他也投入多 AI, ML 和 DM 相關的教學,著作,研究與套件之中,其他更多相關的資訊,大家可以參考他的網站:

相信各位 R 的開發者與使用者們,一定不能錯過這次能與知名套件作者直接互動的機會的!

本次活動將在微軟辦公室舉行,現場會被有 Pizza 和飲料。由於微軟辦公室門禁森嚴,再加上需要統計食物的數量,所以,請大家務必在 5/2 中午 1200 之前完成報名的動作。素食者請在報名時回復!



Title: Data Science and Machine Learning with Rattle and R

Abstract: R is the data scientists software of choice. However there is a barrier to entry competing against other easier (initially) to use yet less powerful platforms. The Open Source Rattle package for R was developed as a simple graphical interface to support data scientists using R and has become a popular tool for quickly building machine learning models. This talk will introduced machine learning as used within data science and will illustrate Rattle as a tool for moving from a graphical user interface to building R scripts generated by Rattle as a quick start for a data science activity, particularly in the context of big data.

Bio: Dr Graham Williams is Microsoft's Director of Data Science for Asia based in Singapore. He joined Microsoft after over 30 years as researcher, developer and educator in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Analytics and Data Science. He has worked extensively in the Open Source ecosystem as a regular contributor to numerous open source software projects including Linux and R. Graham has authored several books, papers, internet resources and software packages for data scientists. He maintains an extensive collection of R and Data Science resources on